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Ann Compton’s visit with us was a huge success. From the moment she stepped onto our campus she engaged our students, faculty, parents, and guests nonstop. She tailored her remarks for our student body and spent a great deal of time in conversation with them. We are thrilled with how things went!
Christ School
Ann was great. Everyone loved her. They gave her a standing ovation before AND after the question and answer segment. I have never seen that here, and we have had some amazing speakers. She is so warm, energetic and fun.
University of Texas at Tyler
Ann was outstanding...she really connected with the audience. Thank you to you and your team for making her visit to Nebraska possible.
Nebraska Bankers Assocation
Ann was a treat to work with. Extremely professional and generous. She tailored her message to our mission and did a great job connecting with our audience. She comes with stellar recommendations from our group!
Taubman Museum of Art
Ann Compton was outstanding, both with the VIP group and at the podium. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from TEXPO attendees. She was down-to-earth, gracious, entertaining. It was a great connection for us and everyone was pleased with her.
Fort Worth Association for Financial Professionals
Ann Compton received a standing ovation at today's Spring Luncheon. Hope that gives you a small indication of how much we loved her and her address. Gracious beyond compare, Ann charmed one and all, and had everyone captivated.
The Woman's Board of Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
Last night was one of our best events to date. I heard it all night long and today at work how wonderful Ann Compton was. Her wit, energy, and over 40 years of journalism was jam packed with moving stories and comments.
Pennsylvania Trust
Just a huge thanks for helping us get Ann Compton for our Annual Meeting keynote speaker. She’s a gem! Our audience was spell bound. Thanks for the great recommendation!
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

Ann Compton

Legendary ABC News' White House Correspondent (1973-2014)

A distinguished and highly respected veteran of the White House press corps, Ann Compton offers audiences a historical perspective of the presidency, the biggest stories of our time and today’s event making headlines.

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Inside the White House and Current Events

When the President of the United States went to work, so did Ann Compton. The veteran ABC White House correspondent’s job was to trace the president’s every step to get the stories her audiences want—and need—to hear. Taking her cue from today’s political headlines, Compton provides audiences with something they rarely get: a glimpse of what actually goes in the West Wing, the behind-the-scenes power struggle of a hot news cycle, as well as how controversies are handled, spun and reported. Tailoring her presentation to meet the audiences’ interests, Compton draws upon her legendary career sharing her observations about current events and a look at the people shaping the future. Compton declares a “White House News Conference” is in session and invites her audience to pepper her with questions.

Up Close and Very Personal

Ann Compton, former ABC News’ White House Correspondent, takes listeners on a journey through recent history: revealing the lives and experience of the seven presidents she’s covered through anecdotes, documents and off-the-record conversations. Drawing back the curtains to reveal the personalities of many members of the First Family, Compton shares the poignant and candid moments that historians—and most reporters—don’t get to see. Compton’s program is perfect for luncheons, breakfast and receptions, and is especially ideal for younger audiences.

Meet Ann Compton

A distinguished and highly respected veteran of the White House press corps, Ann Compton offers audiences a historical perspective of the presidency, the biggest stories of our time and today’s event making headlines.

Ann Compton joined ABC News in 1973 and was the first woman assigned to cover the White House by a television network. From her front seat at the White House for ABC News, Compton covered seven presidents as well as innumerable life-changing and globe-altering events – from the end of the Cold War to the political dramas that made the daily headlines. With her personal access for over four decades no one is better equipped to provide audiences the historical perspective of today’s global events while offering a look forward to the impact of the daily headlines and her first-hand knowledge of the people and issues that are shaping the future of this country. Compton gives audiences unprecedented access to herself as well, turning the tables on the audience by declaring a “White House Press Conference” is in session. She beckons her audience to do what she did so well: pepper her with tough questions about current events and the people making headlines.

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