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Heather Abbott

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

Heather Abbott shares her story with audiences across the country, inspiring countless thousands with her contagious optimism and resilience.

Overcoming Adversity

Adopting three key life strategies led to living life again after suffering the amputation of her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Hear Heather Abbott’s story of resilience following that tragic event—and learn how you can apply her life strategies to your daily living. You can “Live. Your. Life.” again, whatever your circumstances.

Beyond Medical Care: The Often Untold Story of Health Care Professionals’ Impact on the Lives of Trauma Patients

We expect our health care providers to be skilled, experienced professionals who know how to nurse our wounds and treat our illnesses. But what about the less-talked-about side of medical care—the “softer side” of health care? Hear Heather Abbott’s story of recovery and the major impact individual providers can have on a patient’s recovery, especially those who have suffered traumatic injury. Sometimes the road to recovery is marked by more than just medicine.

Disabilities in Today’s Workforce: How Trauma Shaped One HR Executive’s Business Practices

At the time of the Boston Marathon bombing, Heather Abbott enjoyed a high-powered career as a human resources executive with a Fortune 50 company. Key to her job responsibilities was a focus on equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and ensuring the hiring and retention of women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Little did Heather know that one day she would become the very kind of employee she was entrusted to protect. Learn how Heather’s professional views changed as a result of her traumatic injury, and how all businesses today can benefit from her experience.

Paying It Forward: Finding the Purpose That Drives Your Life

Prior to the Boston Marathon bombing, Heather Abbott had a career she enjoyed, and the love of friends of family—yet something was still missing. It was, as Heather will tell you, a "passion" in her life—a "purpose" larger than self. Ironically, it would take something meant for evil to help Heather find true meaning to her being. Learn how you can uncover the purpose that will drive your life—and change the lives of countless others.

Meet Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott shares her story with audiences across the country, inspiring countless thousands with her contagious optimism and resilience.

What started out as an annual trek with friends to watch the Boston Marathon in 2013, ended with Heather Abbott alone, bloodied and at the mercy of strangers. Worse yet, the full extent of Heather’s injuries would later force her to choose between the unthinkable: a lifetime of crippling pain or allowing doctors to amputate her left leg below the knee. What would you do? Today, as president of the Heather Abbott Foundation, Heather is more determined than ever to turn what was meant for evil into something good. Heather believes all those who have lost one or more limbs as a result of traumatic injury can triumph over tragedy. She is proof you can "Live. Your. Life." again!


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