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Brian Little

Scholar, University Professor and Author of Me, Myself, and Us

In his book, Me, Myself, and Us, Dr. Brian Little explores questions that are rooted in the origins of human consciousness.

Why Personalities Matter at Work

Workplace behavior is both complex and deeply human. Through his work on free traits and well-being, Dr. Little provides unique insight into who we are and how that impacts how we work. Little, who has inspired and mentored such noted behaviorists as Adam Grant and Susan Cain, sheds light on the mystery of human nature by arguing that people often act out of character in order to advance their personal projects. Mixing humor with an exceptionally motivating message about the need to respect differences in individuals, audience members will come away with practical examples that explain how our differences challenge us and why it is essential for organizations that we recognize and rise beyond them.

Meet Brian Little

In his book, Me, Myself, and Us, Dr. Brian Little explores questions that are rooted in the origins of human consciousness.

Dr. Brian Little is an internationally acclaimed scholar and speaker in the field of personality and motivational psychology. His pioneering research on how everyday personal projects and free traits influence the course of our lives has become an important way of explaining and enhancing human flourishing.

He received his early education in British Columbia and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. Currently dividing his time between Canada and the UK, Little teaches at the University of Cambridge in the department of Psychology and Judge Business School, and is a fellow of the Well-being Institute. He is also a distinguished research professor emeritus at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Previously, Little taught at Oxford, Harvard and McGill Universities. His course on personality in Harvard’s department of Psychology was so immensely popular that the graduating classes of Harvard elected him as a favorite professor for three consecutive years.

Little’s unique approach to the science of personality is the focus of his book, Me, Myself, and Us, which was published in October 2014 by PublicAffairs Books in the U.S. and HarperCollins in Canada.

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