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Pandit is a very dynamic speaker. His presentation was very eye-opening and engaging. I felt relaxed and recharged from the meditation techniques which will be very useful for my demanding schedule.
JPMorgan Chase
Pandit Dasa was fantastic! Our entire group thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. He was personable, engaging, and in-tune with the tone we had set for our meeting. Pandit was the perfect fit! He even joined one of our smaller group’s dinner that evening. People were very excited to have more time with him.
Arch Re Facultative Underwriters Inc.
He was amazing! I think it would be a great benefit to have him back more often. The session really lowered my stress level.Thank you for bringing him in.
How you can manage stress. I enjoyed the demonstration of breathing exercises to assist you with managing stress. Little things a simple as breathing in and out can help relax you.
Bank of America
Pandit's presentation was very timely and very relevant, given the fast-paced environment in which we operate. It really helped to stop, clear your mind, and re-engage in a much more focused way.
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Pandit was very personable and charismatic...he kept his energy high, bringing the audience with him.

Pandit Dasa

Mindful Leader Expert and Author

Pandit Dasa is a leading authority on the topic of Mindful Leadership. He  presents current research and data on how mindfulness can benefit organizations and leaders to create a positive and productive workplace.

Principles of Mindful Leadership

This speech will present the scientific research on Mindfulness and how it can be used to create more effective, thoughtful and productive leaders. This presentation is inspired by Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The audience will be encouraged to reflect on how they can become more inspiring and mindful leaders. It will address the importance of creating an environment where ego battles aren’t driving the company down and where individuals are willing to put aside their own self-interest for the sake of the greater good. It encourages an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate the contributions of their co-workers instead of feeling threatened by them. A mindful leader is one who is able to provide constructive feedback that is balanced with a healthy dose of appreciation.

A few of the traditional and non-traditional qualities that will be explored are:

  • Leading by Example
  • Appreciation and Recognition
  • Communicating with Compassion
  • Humility in Leadership
  • Maintaining Balanced Emotions

This talk will present the scientific research on Mindfulness and how it can be used by companies to create a more positive work environment. Participants will also learn mindfulness breathing and focusing techniques that can be used at work and at home.

Stress Management for Work-Life Balance

Anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, high blood pressure and anger are just a few of the physical symptoms of stress. Stress not only affects your body, but also creates behaviors that can lead to social withdrawal. This presentation will explore the nature of our mind and the various factors in our lives that cause us stress. Audience members will learn simple meditation techniques that can nourish the mind, which will lead to increased focus, greater productivity, improved relationships and better health.

A Mindful Approach to Team Building

Trust is a foundational principle for successful teams. When team members trust each other, they are not worried about an individual looking after his or her personal interests. There is a mutual appreciation and recognition of each other’s’ contributions. Each individual is inspired to sacrifice for the team. Honest and mindful communication helps create this atmosphere and allows everyone to stay informed with no one kept in the dark – office cliques and politics are not tolerated.  Mindfulness practices can help team members empathize with each other and build strong bonds.

This presentation will explore how to strengthen trust within teams and will guide individuals through mindfulness practices that can improve cooperation and empathy.

Keys to Unlocking and Unleashing the Power of Your Mind

The mind can become our best friend or our worst enemy. It controls our emotional and physical health and thus impacts all aspects of our social and professional interactions. The mind is the cause of our fears, insecurities, and anxieties. An undernourished mind magnifies problems and challenges we encounter and leads us into negative thought processes. By strengthening the muscle of the mind and nourishing its needs, we can see the potential for growth during difficulties and setbacks and develop the self-confidence we need to accomplish our personal and career goals.

Pandit Dasa will share his journey from being a millionaire in Los Angeles to spending 15 years in monasteries, in New York and India, with little to no money or possessions. He will inspire us with eye-opening insights into the nature of the mind and how we can unlock the power of the mind to help us overcome many of life’s obstacles.

Meet Pandit Dasa

Pandit Dasa is a leading authority on the topic of Mindful Leadership. He  presents current research and data on how mindfulness can benefit organizations and leaders to create a positive and productive workplace.

Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert, author and former monk of 15 years, who presents the latest in scientific research on Mindfulness and has spoken to many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies inspiring leaders or those aspiring for leadership positions to manage and lead mindfully and without ego. He has spoken on Mindful Leadership and conducted workshops at Google, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Intel, Novartis, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, The World Bank, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, UNICEF, Harvard, Columbia University, and many other institutions. He has also presented at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the National SHRM convention, SHRM Arkansas, Oracle HCM conference, LEAD2017 and the WorkHuman Conferences. 

Pandit discusses the importance of creating an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate each others' contributions instead of feeling threatened by them. He provides tips on how leaders can engage in mindful communication which will create a more positive and harmonious work environment and foster better teamwork. Pandit presents the scientific research on Mindfulness and how it can be used by companies to create a more positive work environment leading to greater productivity. Pandit, with over 13,000 hours of personal meditation practice, teaches participants mindfulness techniques that can be used to reduce stress and boost emotional intelligence.

Pandit has spoken at a TEDx conference and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, Psychology Today and writes for HuffPost. In his book, Urban Monk, Pandit writes about the turning point in his life that came after his family lost their multimillion-dollar business, which ultimately led him to living as a monk for 15 years in New York City. 

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