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Debbi Fields was amazing! Everyone was captivated by her story.
Syracuse University
Debbi was a HUGE success. Everything went perfectly. Her presentation was GREAT.
International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association

Debbi Fields

Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies

With her name on each store, Debbi Fields had a very personal stake in making her company a success.

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Her First Secret Recipe: Making It Against All Odds

How did Debbi Fields, a young housewife barely out of her teens, manage to create the first, biggest and most successful cookie store empire in the world? In short, by sticking to her beliefs and following her own heart. She discusses: what it takes to make a dream come true when armed only with an idea; her fast rise to the top predicated on her philosophy that "Good Enough Never Is;" her management style, which she believes promotes company growth; and her personal climb to the ranks of those few who had achieved the American dream to its fullest extent.

Meet Debbi Fields

With her name on each store, Debbi Fields had a very personal stake in making her company a success.

Do what you love and success will find you. That philosophy drove the birth of her first store which she transformed into a cookie empire with 450 locations worldwide. The company she built earned a reputation for providing the best in product quality and superior customer service. A great storyteller with a great story to tell, Debbi Fields inspires audiences to reach for their dreams while offering the practical steps that lead to success. Founder, baker, chief cookie lover and former chairman of Mrs. Fields Cookies, she brings tales of both success and failure to her audiences. She shares her common-sense insights and strategies that can make any business more successful and customer-focused. Fields has authored numerous cookbooks including the wildly successful Mrs. Fields' Cookie Book: 100 Recipes from the Kitchen of Mrs. Fields, which sold more than 1.8 million copies and was the first cookbook to top The New York Times best seller list. Her autobiography, One Smart Cookie, was also a best seller. Fields also hosted the Great American Desserts series on PBS.

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