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Eleanor Clift

Washington Correspondent, The Daily Beast and McLaughlin Group Panelist

A journalistic trailblazer, Eleanor Clift takes her audiences into the corridors of power for an insider's view of Washington.

President Trump: The Peril and the Promise

Two thirds of voters had doubts about Donald Trump’s fitness to be president, yet they voted for him anyway because they wanted someone to shake up Washington. Will Trump deliver on his campaign promises?

Women and Politics

Hillary Clinton’s failed second bid for the presidency reminds us that sexism is still evident in the way a female candidate is covered. A woman will eventually break the highest, hardest glass ceiling. The 2016 election brought four new accomplished Democratic women to the U.S. Senate, and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will have a visible role as Ambassador to the United Stations in the new administration. Who are the up and comers? 

Media and Politics

The media took a lot of heat for how they covered the 2016 election, and how they forecast a Hillary Clinton win for months, dismissing Donald Trump as a clown and potentially affecting the outcome. How does the media adjust to Trump’s Reality Show style of politics where facts are often disregarded and fake news is more believed than reported news stories?  Clift can talk personally about the changing media landscape. After spending most of her career at Newsweek magazine, she made the conversion to new media and writes for the Daily Beast web site.

Political Activism

Donald Trump won the Electoral College and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, a split decision that underscores the divisive nature of our politics. Trump says as president he will continue to hold his signature rallies while Democrats vow to take to the streets if necessary to protest Trump from thinking he has a mandate. Aside from marching, can Democrats turn their disappointment in the 2016 election outcome into a new political activism that can rebuild the party?

Meet Eleanor Clift

A journalistic trailblazer, Eleanor Clift takes her audiences into the corridors of power for an insider's view of Washington.

Providing tested journalistic insights on the issues and intrigues that surround our political process, Eleanor Clift brings audiences her take on today’s headline news including a look at President Obama and Congress. Drawing on her reputation as one of Washington’s preeminent political analysts, Clift shows the stories behind the stories gleaned from her years building relationships and sources with the nation’s key political players. Whether giving her take on today’s headlines, how President Obama is living up to his promises or what the role of old media is in a new media world, Clift always cuts to the quick and gives audiences her trusted perspectives on today's most important issues. Clift is Washington correspondent for The Daily Beast, formerly a contributing editor at Newsweek and author of four books, including her latest book Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death and Politics, which examines the debate over the right to die through the lens of her personal experience with the loss of her husband. Clift is a longtime panelist on the weekly public affairs show The McLaughlin Group and she also provides commentary for MSNBC.

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