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Margie Warrell

Executive Life Coach and Author Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage

As a best-selling author and expert on courage, Margie Warrell has an extraordinary ability to get to the heart of what holds people back from achieving deeper fulfillment and greater success.

The Resilience Advantage: Master Change, Overcome Setbacks and Thrive Under Pressure

So many people are overwhelmed these days with the stressors of job insecurity, economic instability, meeting the conflicting demands of work and family and rapid organizational, technological and global change. Yet, despite these challenges, some people continue to thrive, relaxed, optimistic and healthy. These people are not blessed with a genetic covering of pscyhological Teflon, rather they have learned how to build the resilience required to bounce back from adversity, navigate uncertainty and soar above the stressors that pull others down. In this program you will learn how to recognize the causes of your stress, expand your capacity for life, and build resiliency skills that will bring life to your years and add years to your life. Drawing from the latest neuro-scientific research, age-old spiritual wisdom and her experiences as an executive coach and working mother of four, Margie will guide attendees to develop their own personal strategy for bolstering resilience and staying strong when pressures mount and adversity strikes. With her trademark Aussie pragmatism and humor, Margie will arm attendees with the inspiration and tools to face the challenges of an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world with greater courage, resourcefulness and resilience. Margie will discuss:

  • Harnessing our brain’s neural plasticity to build resilience over time
  • Strategies to build EQ and ensure emotions don’t high-jack rational thought
  • The five steps to S.O.A.R.R. above crisis and stay calm under pressure
  • Daily rituals for managing destructive emotional impulses
  • Three steps to redraft sabotaging stories into ones that strengthen resolve, and self-efficacy, and promote self-confidence

Courageous Conversations

Speak up to build influence, deepen trust and build more rewarding relationships.

What’s your toughest situation? Talking with an employee about his performance? Saying no to your boss? Telling someone her behavior is inappropriate? Handling an angry employee or customer? Difficult situations have a thousand faces but one common structure. This program will show you the structure of tough conversations, how to prepare for and get them started, how to keep them focused and productive, and what to watch for so you don’t get derailed. Bring some examples and get ready to practice!

Inability or unwillingness to engage to address the issues which undermine performance, damage relationships and limit success can be profound. In this presentation you will learn not only how to muster up the courage you need to speak up, but also how to:

  • Strengthen your EQ, and use it to better manage negative emotions in yourself and those around you
  • Remove barriers to meaningful conversation (including self-limiting beliefs about your ability to handle confrontation)
  • How to bridge the “communication gap” to avoid misunderstanding
  • Express anger without insult; disagree without being disagreeable
  • Stand firm in the face of those who seek to intimidate
  • Use awkward silences to enrich the conversation with greater ease

Choosing to Lead

How others see us begins with how we see ourselves. This powerful presentation will challenge beliefs that can undermine effectiveness and stifle leadership potential. Margie will engage audience members as she explores how even those who don’t see themselves as “natural leaders” can identify and rewrite self-limiting stories, re-define the leader they are, and re-ignite the results they achieve. She will help them over-come fears and doubts, and find their courage to create a more compelling vision, confront the forces that threaten to undermine it, and take the necessary risks to change what no longer serves the best interests of their team or organization. She will empower them with powerful insights to become the kind of leader others can trust to speak the truth, stand firm in a storm and choose the right path over the expedient one.

Your audience will leave feeling more purposeful in what they do, more passionate about why they do it, and more inspired to create positive change with greater clarity, confidence and courage. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of leading from a foundation of robust integrity
  • The 3 core elements of trust (and how to rebuild it if damaged)
  • Why self-awareness and EQ are critical to success—and how it’s used to expand a leader’s circle of influence
  • The 5 fundamental conversations in which a leader must engage—with him/herself and with others
  • How to apply the Ontological coaching framework to improve collaboration around goals, communication and influence within a team or across an organization.

Meet Margie Warrell

As a best-selling author and expert on courage, Margie Warrell has an extraordinary ability to get to the heart of what holds people back from achieving deeper fulfillment and greater success.

A leader in the human potential movement, Margie Warrell is a passionate advocate for the unique potential of every person. She empowers people—and the organizations they work for— to engage in more courageous conversations, expand their vision of what’s possible and to live and lead more boldly. Warrell draws from her background in Fortune 500 business and psychology to equip people with the greater self-awareness and the practical strategies required to do more, be more and give more. With fresh perspectives and practical strategies, Warrell equips audiences with tools they can immediately use to rise above their fears and limiting beliefs and step into action to enjoy greater success, more fulfillment and a deeper sense of purpose in their relationships, career, business and life. In her latest book, Brave: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life ( 2015) Warrell guides readers to move past the fears, doubts and beliefs that keep them from making the changes and taking chances they need to enjoy the fulfillment and success they desire. The best-selling author of Find Your Courage: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless in Work and in Life (McGraw-Hill, 2009), Warrell is a sought-after media guest who has appeared on NBC’s Today, FOX News and CNBC.

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