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Michelle Bernard was wonderful - very dynamic, engaging, and funny. I've received a huge amount of positive feedback about her and the panel discussion in which she participated.
Deutsche Bank
Michelle Bernard was great... articulate, intelligent, honest, poised, personable and she received a standing ovation. The audience was very impressed and engaged.
University of Denver

Michelle Bernard

Political Analyst, MSNBC and Founder, The Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy

With experience, candor and conviction, Michelle Bernard is an outspoken voice on advancing democracy, economic liberty and human rights for people around the world.

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2016: The View From Washington

At a time when American politics are increasingly polarized, political analyst Michelle Bernard brings audiences a refreshingly centered in-depth look at some of the day’s most complex topics and distills multifaceted stories into a thought-provoking analysis. Whether the issues are national security and terrorism, foreign policy, education or the economy, Bernard provides an up-to-the-minute look at the breaking news shaping our world. She provides thoughtful examination on the role of culture, race, gender and religion in electoral politics as well as the media’s role in shaping political campaigns. Bernard is also able to look back on Barack Obama’s presidency, examine what impact the election of the Nation’s first African American president has had on race relations in America and around the world, and if advocacy of personal responsibility and stable families has become a call to arms to minorities and people of color. In this informative talk, Bernard helps audiences understand the challenges both political parties face in these fractious times. Calling for an increase in civil discourse, she firmly believes that this enormous political divide can be bridged, and provides effective policy solutions that are needed on issues of both domestic and international importance.

Education and the American Dream

One matter of concern on which both political parties can agree is the drastic need to improve America’s educational system. Right-of-center on issues from personal responsibility, to free markets and economic justice, but left-of-center on issues of gender, racial and social justice, Michelle Bernard is fiercely independent, smart, passionate and candid with her views. In this talk, Bernard discusses:

  • How education remains the great equalizer in American society
  • How school choice is a powerful means of escaping poverty
  • How proposals for the U.S. government to provide all students with a free college education might impact the American economy and the possible unintended consequences of such proposals on public, K-12 education, college readiness in low income, rural, and communities of color, and on private, Historically Black Colleges and Universities;
  • How the education reform plans of various presidential, Congressional, and Gubernatorial candidates and political parties impact all Americans  
  • How comprehensive education reform now is the key to managing a shift in the American economy from industry to service is critical to avoiding another “Great Recession” and truly restoring the economy to health
  • How the American president’s advocacy for better educational opportunities for minorities and all Americans is the ultimate prescription for achieving the American dream

American Women Today and a Look at the Future

After years of struggle, the United States has made tremendous strides in advancing women’s human rights around the world. Michelle Bernard argues that American women now need to move beyond “the first, second and third wave feminism and the notion of women’s issues” and employ for a fourth wave of feminism that recognizes that ALL issues are women’s issues. With astounding successes reached in business, politics and culture, Bernard calls for action toward structural changes that will level the playing field for women candidates regardless of party affiliation, ensure that the voices of women are heard on the most important public policy issues of the day, and advance policies that build strong, 21st Century families and communities—and even a stronger nation—and offers advice to women on how to persevere, work together, build coalitions by seeking areas of common ground, prioritize their lives and be their best selves.

Bernard shows audiences:

  • What the future holds for women, politics and public policy at home and abroad
  • How political candidacies of women shed light on the differences between what she refers to as “Red State, Blue State, and Millennial feminism” and the largely ignored “fourth wave” free-market feminism embraced by many American women today
  • How the lives of ordinary American women, their children and families are affected by the failure of many left- and right-of-center leaders, both women and men, to recognize many of the very real problems facing American women today because they fail to recognize that all issues are women’s issues
  • That the feminist movement, policy makers and others have largely ignored the plight of women around the world, particularly those in Islamic countries who do not enjoy the basic human rights and freedoms that American women enjoy, and that today’s American feminists policy makers and others have a moral obligation to advocate for human rights and equality for women abroad

Meet Michelle Bernard

With experience, candor and conviction, Michelle Bernard is an outspoken voice on advancing democracy, economic liberty and human rights for people around the world.

Michelle Bernard has been on the front lines of the national political scene for over a decade. She puts that experience to work with her in-depth analysis of the issues and people in today's headlines on both the domestic and the global stage including a look at how the Obama Administration is working with the Republican Congress, the long-term implications of gridlock in Washington and the race for the White House in 2016. As a black woman who is fiercely independent, left of center on issues of gender and social justice, but right of center on issues from personal responsibility, to free markets and economic justice, defense and national security matters, Bernard rejects the labels, stereotypes and social constructs that are often attached to people in American society. Not one to shy away from her views, Bernard is a strong believer in independent thought and giving a voice to the principles of what she refers to as “smart government", free markets, personal responsibility and racial, gender and social justice. Bernard is a political analyst for MSNBC, making regular appearances on Hardball with Chris Matthews, and is a regular panelist on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, and The McLaughlin Group. She was recently awarded the Anvil of Freedom Award for journalism and democracy by the University of Denver’s Edward W. and Charlotte A. Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media which “offer[s] recognition and honor to individuals whose careers demonstrate true leadership and commitment to democratic freedoms, ethics and integrity and recognize those who work to see journalism reach and maintain the highest standards.” In 2016, she received the highly esteemed Howard University "Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in Fields of Media, Journalism and Public Policy". She is the author of Naming the Sin: Are Churches Helping to Stop Domestic Violence or Enabling It, Moving America Toward Justice: The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1963-2013 and Women’s Progress: How Women Are Wealthier, Healthier and More Independent Than Ever Before. Additionally, Bernard is the author of numerous opinion editorials in The Huffington Post and The Washington Post’s She the People blog exploring the intersection of women and politics and culture.

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