David Brailer, M.D.
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David Brailer, M.D.

Chairman, Health Evolution Partners and First National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (2004-2006)

A physician, entrepreneur, policymaker, health care advocate, teacher and researcher, Dr. David Brailer is one of the most well-known leaders in the health care industry.

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Innovation and the End of Health Care As We Know It

Health care around the world is undergoing a vast and chaotic change, driven by the compounding effects of rising—and seemingly uncontrollable—demand for health care services, demographic shifts, new technologies and cultural changes. Rapid change in many economies, both deep setbacks in the developed world and bubble growth in other countries, have set in motion fundamental shifts in how populations view health care and the resources required to fund it. It is clear that uncertainty will be the common thread in health care systems around the world for some time to come—and that these changes, particularly in the US, have fostered conditions for a new round of innovation. Health plans, health systems and pharmaceutical makers have now established innovation groups that are exploring changes in the landscape to find new business models and revenue streams for their companies. Because of their work, this round of innovation promises to drive a fundamental restructuring of health care, and may permanently alter how we engage with health care, what we expect from it and how it is regulated. It may end the concept of health care as we know it in many ways. One of the world’s most respected leaders in the field of health care, Dr. David Brailer shows the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for companies with the vision, talent, balance sheet and creativity to take advantage of this transformative time. In his keynote presentation, Dr. Brailer uncovers shifts in the marketplace including:

  • How consumers will take greater charge of purchasing their own health care—and face the financial risks for their decisions
  • How care—and our bodies—will become increasingly robotized and how care will go to people rather than people to care
  • How the nursing and physician professions will become more automated and virtual

Surfing the Health Information Technology Revolution

Physicians and hospitals are on the front line of the health information revolution. They will face enormous changes in the pace of health information innovation and many challenges in choosing a path to follow. Health information adoption will change how providers think about clinical decisions, how patients are engaged in their care, and how the financial side of care delivery is managed. Drawing from his experience as an entrepreneur, policymaker and investor, Dr. Brailer will illuminate how physician or hospital audiences can best develop health IT strategy, navigate through complex policy changes and use information technology to their best advantage. Key topics include:

  • Understanding health information technology policy 
  • Investing in health information technology 
  • Bringing physicians and patients into the health information revolution 
  • Choosing vendors and partners to make information technology an asset

New Directions in Health Care

What areas are hot now, what is needed most and what are the areas in which we can expect to see real change in the near term? How do you invest your time and money into the complex health care industry? How do you know which trends matter and which ones don’t? When is it time to drive fundamental change and when do you focus on incremental change? Investors, major companies, physicians, hospitals and many others face these questions on a daily basis. Dr. Brailer’s broad experience enables him to analyze these complex issues from multiple vantage points. Tapping his experience as an entrepreneur, policymaker and as Chairman of Health Evolution Partners, one of the nation’s leading health care investment firms, Dr. Brailer guides his audience through these pivotal issues. Key questions he will address include:

  • What are the trends that you should follow?
  • How will reform play out?

Meet David Brailer, M.D.

A physician, entrepreneur, policymaker, health care advocate, teacher and researcher, Dr. David Brailer is one of the most well-known leaders in the health care industry.

Known worldwide as a leader of innovation and reform, Dr. Brailer is at the forefront of change in the health care industry. David Brailer is the father of the modern health information technology movement and was the first U.S. health information technology czar. Having spent his career transforming the health information industry, Brailer helps audiences understand the nuances of innovation in the health care system and what employers, patients, the President and other policymakers can do to adapt. Dr. Brailer has a unique view: he is Chairman of Health Evolution Partners, the nation’s leading health care investment fund. He has a front-row seat on major changes playing on in hospitals, physician and ambulatory care, pharmaceuticals and consumer’s homes. Dr. Brailer earned his MD at West Virginia University, completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and earned his PhD in health economics at the Wharton School before teaching in the MBA program at Wharton for 10 years.

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