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Erik Wahl has made creativity his life's study. In the pages of UNTHINK, you'll find inspiration for your own creative journey. Even better, you'll discover that you won't have to travel far -- the answers are all around you.
Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND, DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN
Erik Wahl was GREAT! So wonderful to work with and a standing ovation. We auction his paintings for our Foundation for Teens too. Thank you so much!
UNTHINK will catapult you forward to unlock and unleash your creative genius. This thought provoking book is an extensionof Erik Wahl's electrifying keynote performance that will inspire you grow your dreams and challenge your traditional thought patterns to achieve excellence in both business and in life.
Ken Blanchard Best Selling Co-Author of The One Minute Manager
Erik Wahl's UNTHINK is Creative Detox at the highest level. It's a kick in the pants that will send you sailing out of the box--back to "beginner's mind," to child-like courage, to that place of play where all wonderful work originates. Erik Wahl is a force of nature. UNTHINK is his relentless, playful ethos in a bottle. I love the concept, I love the title. Five Un-Stars!
Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of THE WAR OF ART and TURNING PRO

Erik Wahl

Groundbreaking Artist, Author and Expert on Creativity and Innovation

Erik Wahl is a recognized artist and speaker who—using art as a vehicle—inspires professionals to achieve greater levels of performance.

The Spark and The Grind

  • Deconstructs the discipline of the creative process to ignite ideas to action.
  • Explores The Psychology of Success and the Science of Innovation to achieve superior levels of performance.
  • Harness The mental toughness required to navigate ambiguity and master complexity in a rapidly changing business environment

Disruption is the new normal. Are you creating or reacting?

The Art of Vision

The Art of Vision is a one-of-a-kind program designed to challenge organizations to discover their untapped potential. The format is fast-paced, entertaining, and full of surprises. No matter what kind of organization—from small companies to large corporations—employees at all levels will better embrace the future by becoming more innovative, more productive and ultimately more profitable. This 45-60 minute multi-media keynote experience is ideally suited to open or close your meeting on a dynamic high note.

The Art of Leadership

Today’s leaders face a pressure to innovate—or else perish—unlike any other time in history.  Advances in social, mobile and cloud technology, coupled with fierce global competition has made the business landscape nearly unrecognizable from what it was a mere 10 years ago.

Erik Wahl’s entertaining and invigorating Art of Leadership presentation paints a compelling new portrait for what the successful leaders of tomorrow will look like. He inspires audiences to shed old ways of thinking and “business as usual” processes that are outdated, inefficient and detrimental to productivity. Audience members learn new ways to build an emotional connection to drive future employee engagement.  Erik’s presentation stretches traditional assumptions on leadership. The end results include:

  • innovative solutions to further your organization 
  • attracting and engaging quality employees 
  • new efficiencies and the end of detrimental redundancies

Growth and comfort cannot co-exist. When leaders come from a place of authenticity, curiosity, exploration and purpose, this leads to more meaningful connections among team members and with clients and customers—and ultimately, a more profitable organization. An engaged employee equals an engaged customer.


UNthink is the signature keynote experience from Erik’s best-selling book. It is dynamic multi-media keynote experience specifically designed to challenge audiences to achieve superior levels of performance. It will inspire them to let go of their traditional thought patterns and better understand how to create disruptive strategies of innovation. Creativity is in all of us. We simply need to rediscover the keys that will unlock our untapped potential. UNthink will unleash organizational excellence and help your audience better understand that they are all capable of so much more than they have been conditioned to believe.

Meet Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is a recognized artist and speaker who—using art as a vehicle—inspires professionals to achieve greater levels of performance.

Erik Wahl is a visionary whose unique presentations leverage his creative talent to become a visual metaphor to the core of his message: that creativity, innovation and the power to inspire as leaders lies within all of us. Erik’s unique understanding of this vision traces back to his experience as an artist. After first working in the business world for eight years as a partner in a corporate firm where he played with his passion for art, Erik now PLAYS in the business world by WORKING with his art. Erik’s sought after artwork can be seen hanging in executive offices around the world. And as one of the country’s top platform speakers, Erik shares his powerful message on creativity, leading change and innovative leadership that is as memorable as it is entertaining. He is the author of Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius and Unchain the Elephant: Reframe Your Thinking to Unleash Your Potential.

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