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Geena Davis

Award-Winning Actor & Founder, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

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Actor, producer and athlete Geena Davis has spent her career breaking the mold and pushing boundaries. She is an uplifting reminder that anything is possible when you set your sights high.

From the Olympics to the Presidency - Anything is Possible

Playing U.S. President Mackenzie Allen in the critically acclaimed ABC series Commander in Chief was more than a television role for Geena Davis, one of the world’s best-known actors. An Academy Award-winner, film producer, accomplished athlete and role model, she truly believes that, with determination and focus, women can achieve virtually anything they set out to accomplish. She empowers audiences with her moving personal stories of how she broke into acting and her success at the highest levels in the traditionally male-dominated fields of Olympic archery and film production.

Geena Takes Aim - Empowering Our Daughters and Ourselves

Using her skills as an archer—she ranked 13th in the U.S. in 2001—as a metaphor for achievement in life, Geena Davis shares her risk-taking, entrepreneurial spirit that has led her to the pinnacles of success as an actor and producer as well as a gifted athlete. She inspires audiences with her message of overcoming obstacles to success in athletes, in the arts and in life itself.

A Conversation with Geena Davis

A model and sales clerk before getting her first film role in Tootsie in 1982, Davis shares her engaging personal story, taking audiences through her early years including highlights of her Oscar win for The Accidental Tourist, her groundbreaking role in Thelma and Louise, to her success in reaching the Olympic trials in archery for in the 2000 Olympics and her concurrent roles as actor, athlete, producer, role model and women’s advocate. Serving up personal anecdotes from her fascinating life and career, Davis will enlighten and inform audiences in a Q & A session following her remarks.

See Jane: Gender Equality and Why It Should Matter to All of Us

Geena Davis motivates audiences with her passionate message of why gender equity is empowering for both men and women, and why it is essential for the future of the U.S. to foster strength of character and resolve in children of both genders. Her foundation, See Jane, calls for greater gender equity in media aimed at children, backed up by groundbreaking research funded by See Jane. She encourages audiences to stand up for Title IX legislation that has helped women athletes achieve parity with men, urging them to dream big, set goals and be the best they can be.

Meet Geena Davis

Actor, producer and athlete Geena Davis has spent her career breaking the mold and pushing boundaries. She is an uplifting reminder that anything is possible when you set your sights high.

Not only did Geena Davis change many perceptions about a female president in her recent ABC series, Commander in Chief, but also, she continues as an innovator in real life, championing opportunities for women in athletics as a trustee of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Ranked 13th in the United States in archery in 2001, she was among just 32 women to qualify for the 2000 Olympic trails in that sport. She motivates and inspires all to take on new challenges, serving as a gifted role model. As a long-time champion of girls’ empowerment, Davis founded See Jane, whose mission is to dramatically increase the percentage of female characters—and reduce stereotyping—in media made for children. Always willing to break the creative mold, experiment and risk failure, she is respected as one of the world’s most gifted, independent and outspoken actors. She empowers people everywhere to set their sights high in athletics, in business, in the arts and in life, reminding them “anything is possible.”

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