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[David Gergen] was amazing. The most powerful keynote speaker we've had in a while. Masterful, humane, eloquent and witty - it was a memorable speech.
Institutional Investor Institute
Thanks to WSB for everything. David’s presentation was very insightful and engaging. He was outstanding. We could not have been happier with David and working with WSB made this very easy on us!
Pretium Partners
David Gergen was fabulous. He was warm, friendly, accommodating, incredibly insightful, brilliant in his analysis and willing to make every person feel valued. He has such a gracious manner and a warm, caring temperament. He runs with the high and mighty and is one himself but has never lost the common touch. He was my favorite political analyst coming in and he is now one of my all time favorite human beings.
Dr. Gayle Beebe, Westmont College
Eight years and 50+ speakers later I can vouch that David Gergen is the best of the best. Hugely insightful, an absolutely pleasure to spend time with, interested in his audiences and their opinions - a very very special person. You are lucky to represent him.
Salon Speakers Ltd., Canada
David Gergen’s presentation was fantastic. He was very candid and forthright with our members about many hot-button political issues. He made a great opening keynote for our conference.
Council of Chief State School Officers
David Gergen’s involvement and presentations made the event successful. Everyone appreciated the spirited panel discussion.
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies
The audience appreciated the thoughtful manner in which David Gergen laid out the nation's challenges and linked the importance of changing politics with energy policy, climate change, and national security. He brought an important independent view to sup
Edison Electric Institute
In my opinion, [David Gergen] gave one of the best presentations we've had here in the past 25 years.
Texas Lutheran University
David Gergen was great. His presentation was thoughtful, substantive, informative and interesting. He addressed the issues of concern to our audience. On top off all that he was charming and a pleasure to be with. Thanks to him our event was a big success
Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago
David Gergen was extremely well received by the audience. Many considered him as one of the best key note speakers we have had. I want to thank him for his coming to our event and appreciated his comments.
Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council
David Gergen was incredible. He spoke with enormous passion about the state of the Union. David was funny, he was realistic and he left us with reasons for optimism during difficult days. He charmed in one-one-one chats with a dozen of our most senior executives and clients.
Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
We set a lecture series record with 450 attendees and several hundred had to be turned away at the door due to reaching capacity (a half hour before the lecture began). Mr. Gergen was extremely well received and provided great insight to the current political landscape.
Temple Anshe Amunim

David Gergen

Senior Political Analyst, CNN

A trusted advisor to four presidents and to both political parties, David Gergen offers a bipartisan analysis of the Obama Administration and what today’s headlines mean for the future of America.

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Election Issues and Answers

Many questions remain unanswered regarding the future of the country—and both parties need take an active part in solutions to tackle the difficult issues ahead. What plans will Congress and the Trump Administration pursue to grow the economy? Where is the country headed on energy, immigration, health care, the environment, jobs and taxes? How will we face the development of increasingly complex and dangerous threats to national security? On what issues will both parties be able to work together? How will all of this impact what our President is able to accomplish? Uncanny in his ability to translate what is happening in Washington into how it will affect your audience, David Gergen sets his sights on the current political landscape. A trusted advisor to presidents of both parties and a leading commentator for more than two decades, Gergen offers unmatched perspectives on the future of America.

Eyewitness to Power: Leadership in America

From Nixon to Clinton, Watergate to Whitewater, few Americans have observed the ups and downs of presidential leadership more closely over the past thirty years than David Gergen. A White House adviser to four presidents, both Republican and Democrat, he offers a vivid, behind-the-scenes account of their struggles to exercise power and draws from them key lessons for leaders of the future. As the world's economic and political dynamics continue to evolve, a new age is ahead for America, but its realization will depend heavily upon the success of a new generation at the top. Drawing upon all his many experiences in the White House, he offers seven key lessons for leaders of the future. What they must have, he says, are: inner mastery; a central, compelling purpose rooted in moral values; a capacity to persuade; skills in working within the system; a fast start; a strong, effective team; and a passion that inspires others to keep the flame alive.

The Press, The President and Public Policy

Television and the Internet have become indispensable tools for presidential leadership. In fact, the media is a primary institutional force an effective president must manage by cooperation, charm and persuasion. The incoming administration’s future success will be partly measured by its ability to manage the media in order to communicate its legislative goals to the nation. The experienced journalist, presidential advisor and sought-after political analyst, David Gergen, shares with audiences:

  • His views on how the media impacts our nation’s policy focus 
  • What the incoming administration must do to ensure the media does not resist the President's goals
  • Lessons to be learned from presidential media greats, such as Roosevelt, and mistakes to avoid

Meet David Gergen

A trusted advisor to four presidents and to both political parties, David Gergen offers a bipartisan analysis of the Obama Administration and what today’s headlines mean for the future of America.

A true public servant, David Gergen put his country above his personal politics, serving as an advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and then Clinton. Today he helps audiences break through ideological barriers to recognize simple and lasting political truths. Gergen's unique vantage point—serving as an Oval Office insider to presidents from different political parties—provides him with insights that few others can match. For more than 30 years, Gergen has been an active participant in American political life. He currently serves as editor-at-large of U.S. News & World Report, as director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and as a regular television commentator for CNN. Author of Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton and an upcoming book on presidential transitions, he offers an inside glimpse into the corridors of power and the leadership challenges presidents face, bringing clarity to the most complex international and domestic issues.

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