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J.C. Watts was a huge hit. One attendee said he could listen to the same speech over and over again and never get tired of it.
Society of American Florists
JC Watts was excellent. He talked for nearly 40 minutes and the audience was captivated through the entire speech. JC addressed some basic messages that the Republican party must get out to the voters. The speech was a combination of notes he had prepared and messages from his heart.
Fulton County Republican Party
Rep JC Watts did an excellent job. He was a delight and very well received.
[J.C. Watts'] presentation and message resounded with our audience and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a dignified and well-versed speaker.
Texas Bankers Association

J.C. Watts

Visionary Conservative Leader

A visionary conservative leader, J.C. Watts offers thought provoking views on the future of healthcare, the economy, education and other major issues of the day.

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A Look at Politics in America Today

In this penetrating look at today’s political climate, J.C. Watts discusses the issues facing America, providing audiences with a view of the political world through the eyes of a citizen and four-term congressman. He explores such hot-button issues as the implementation of health care reform, education, fiscal discipline, domestic policy issues, restoring national values, maintaining our national defense and other key topics of interest to your organization. This presentation is uplifting as well as informative bringing to life the headlines and issues that most affect your audience.

Leadership Lessons from the Sidelines and the Aisles of Congress

J.C. Watts shows audiences that no matter what their particular situation, they too can be a leader. Replete with anecdotes and personal stories, Watts’ powerful message of self-determination and teamwork takes audiences to the next level of awareness. Drawing from his experiences as congressman and chairman of the House Republican Conference, quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners and ordained minister, Watts explores everyday leadership practices and tactical steps that anyone can use to achieve their goals and dreams.

Meet J.C. Watts

A visionary conservative leader, J.C. Watts offers thought provoking views on the future of healthcare, the economy, education and other major issues of the day.

From football hero to his remarkable eight years as one of the most recognizable members of Congress, J.C. Watts is an embodiment of the American dream. An outstanding quarterback who led the University of Oklahoma to two Orange Bowl victories and later committed himself to helping his community as an ordained minister, Watts is admired by many for his integrity and strong leadership. Elected to Congress from his native Oklahoma, fellow congressmen quickly recognized Watts’ leadership qualities and elected him to serve as the chairman of the House Republican Conference, the fourth-highest position in the House. He was honorary co-chairman of the 2000 Republican National Convention and is a passionate voice for boosting national security, adhering to fiscal discipline and investing in education. He is the author of What Color Is Conservative? My Life and My Politics and Dig Deep: 7 Truths to Finding the Strength Within?.

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