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Both Mike Abrashoff and Rich Karlgaard were great!!! We couldn’t have asked for better speakers for our meeting and agents.
Mike Abrashoff was terrific. His message resonated with our members. He was also so easy to work with. The best way to describe his presentation is the book signing. It is the first time that we have sold out the books of the keynoter!
Massachusetts Municipal Association
Mike Abrashoff's remarkable story regarding the transformation of USS Benfold was extremely well received and appreciated by our event participants, who found great inspiration and practicality in his remarks. These are challenging times for many and his perspective on leadership and leading during difficult times is timely as well as thought provoking.
California Bankers Association
[Mike Abrashoff] was fantastic! He was extremely generous with his time, and he was absolutely the right person for what we wanted to accomplish.
BP Exploration, Inc.
The "day after" is over and the impact is reverberating throughout the organization. The feedback was clear - your presentation ranked #1 for most valuable - just above our CEO! I truly appreciate the effort you obviously made to incorporate our issues and to position the call to action for them as leaders of teams.
Nokia Siemens Networks
Excellent presentation AND presenter. Captain Abrashoff was very believable...REAL! Captain Abrashoff's ideas of leadership could be used within any organization. This was an excellent motivational talk!!
Scott & White
Everything went great! Mike Abrashoff was probably the best speaker we have ever had at one of our events!
Fugate Enterprises
Mike Abrashoff was super! He was a great storyteller, funny, and tied the message to our business throughout. It was so relevant to exactly what our organization needs right now and I have received nothing but rave reviews.
Mike Abrashoff was an outstanding speaker and really connected with the audience. Not only was he wonderful to listen to, but his messages resonated.
The Episcopal Church

Mike Abrashoff

Former Navy Commander and Author, It's Your Ship

An inspiring story of innovative leadership and organizational transformation, Mike Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing ship in the fleet and made it #1 by changing his leadership style and the culture—not the crew.

The Innovation Road Map: Transforming Your Organization and Achieving Sustainable Growth

In tough economic times, it is critical that all organizations utilize every asset at their disposal to survive and thrive in the global marketplace. While corporations have done a phenomenal job of wringing inefficiencies out of their processes and procedures, everyone knows that you can't cut your way to greatness. There remains an under appreciation and investment in their top asset, people. While economic headwinds have many companies fighting for survival, it is during times like these that great companies are born by having a relentless focus on innovation and executing new ideas that capture the imagination of the marketplace. A best-selling author of one of the most acclaimed business books of all-time and himself a successful entrepreneur, Mike Abrashoff has traveled the globe speaking to and consulting with some of the world’s most innovative companies. Leveraging his own leadership experiences and having seen up-close-and-personal what separates organizations poised for growth from companies that can’t move beyond the status-quo, Abrashoff equips organizations with the strategies, tactics and tools necessary to unleash innovation, lead meaningful change and improve operational performance. Abrashoff will walk leaders through the 4 step process necessary to create innovation-focused, adaptable, high-performance teams, giving them the takeaways and know-how that is essential to getting organizations on the path to future success.

It’s Your Ship

Organizations—whether a corporation, salesforce or association of any size—perform at their best when people feel safe and confident about their ability to navigate troubled times. In Navy terms, combat readiness is a matter of life and death—every crewmember’s contribution matters. Mike Abrashoff tells the inspiring story of how the USS Benfold was transformed into the best ship in the Navy by empowering the crew to take ownership and improve every aspect of the way things were done. As Abrashoff shares the methods he used to create successful change within the confines of strict military regulations, audiences come away with dozens of practical and actionable ideas to make a difference in their own team. This first-hand account of the journey to organizational excellence is as invaluable as it will be memorable.

It's Our Ship

For organizations that want a deeper understanding of grassroots leadership and want to take those principles to the next level, Mike Abrashoff addresses the challenges most on the minds of leaders in these challenging times. Collaboration, commitment, cohesion, accountability, engagement, rapid and continual innovation, engaging employees and dealing with generational differences in that workforce—these crucial issues are the ones that that successful leaders need to master. It's Our Ship is about creating a high performance culture where everyone takes ownership and responsibility using real lessons from the business world and focus on innovation, accountability and engagement.

Meet Mike Abrashoff

An inspiring story of innovative leadership and organizational transformation, Mike Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing ship in the fleet and made it #1 by changing his leadership style and the culture—not the crew.

When Mike Abrashoff took command of the USS Benfold, the ship’s performance ranked at rock-bottom. Worse—the crew didn’t feel safe should they be called into action. Determined to improve performance, but without the power to hire, fire or promote personnel, Abrashoff focused on what he could change: the ship’s culture. His innovative approach broke from the traditional command-and-control leadership style and sought to see the ship from the eyes of his crew—creating a guiding set of principles he calls Grassroots Leadership. When crew members asked Abrashoff to solve a problem, his response became, “It’s your ship—what would you do?” The result was an empowered and engaged team that turned the ship into the Navy’s top performer. People at every level in business relate to Abrashoff’s dilemma: being held accountable for results without having the ability to make the rules. His results-oriented approach equips organizations with the strategies, tactics and tools necessary to unleash innovation, lead significant change and increase operational performance. Publications from Fast Company to The Harvard Business Review have heralded this remarkable story—and Abrashoff’s first book, It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, is a best seller with nearly 1 million copies in print. In 2012, the much anticipated 10th anniversary edition of It’s Your Ship was released with updated content and a new chapter.

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