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Christensen offers practical diagnostic tools, remedies and poignant examples for achieving success whether you are attacking or defending.
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Clayton Christensen

Harvard Business School Professor

Clayton Christensen shows leaders a new way of thinking about market forces and competitive strategy, spurring them to innovate ahead of the curve.

Disruptive Innovation: Changing the Way the World Learns

The way we learn doesn’t always match up with the way we are taught. If we hope to stay competitive, academically, economically, and technologically, we need to rethink our understanding of intelligence, reevaluate our educational system, and reinvigorate our commitment to learning. In other words, we need “disruptive innovation.” Clayton Christensen analyzes the education debate and applies his now-famous theory of “disruptive” change to help audiences consider new possibilities. Whether you’re a school administrator, government official, business leader, parent, teacher, or entrepreneur, you’ll discover surprising new ideas, outside-the-box strategies, and straight-A success stories. Audiences gain an understanding of:

  • How customized learning will help many more students succeed in school
  • Why student-centric classrooms will increase the demand for new technology
  • Why computers must be disruptively deployed to every student
  • How disruptive innovation can circumvent roadblocks that have prevented other attempts at school reform

Destructing the World Health Care Industry

Close to 50 million Americans live without health insurance while the global scenario is decidedly grim as millions die needlessly from treatable diseases. World leaders, including President Obama, consider health care to be a major diplomatic and domestic priority. What will it take; however, to cure the enormous health care challenges? The anecdote may lie in our collective ability to adopt disruption change. Best-selling author Professor Clayton Christensen has taken his essential principle of Disruptive Innovation Theory, which states that companies innovate faster than people's lives change, and applied it to the health care industry. Based on his extensive research for his book The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, Christensen’s presentation will challenge how your organization thinks about health care and the future of the industry. His speeches are customized to each organization and cover topics including:

  • The likely prospects for today's leading companies
  • How entrenched companies can displace today's leaders
  • Why health care is expensive and inaccessible
  • How to create new growth through affordability and simplicity
  • How to circumvent the rules

Innovator's Dilemma Expanded: Seven Questions and Answers to Success

Every company needs to grow, and innovation is the ticket to sustainable and profitable growth. What decisions can managers take to increase their probability of success? Managers have historically struggled to successfully manage innovation. The dilemma as described by Clayton Christensen, a giant in the world of innovators, is how to serve your core business while finding new markets and watching out for new entrants in your blind spot. Based on his seminal book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, considered by many to be the hallmark text on innovation by executive and entrepreneurs alike, Clayton Christensen has developed a set of theories to help guide managers when trying to build new growth businesses. In this relevant and timely presentation, Christensen coaches managers on how to sustain success by answer seven critical questions:

  • How can I beat powerful competitors?
  • How can I connect with customers?
  • How integrated should I be?
  • How should I set strategy?
  • From whom should I get funding?
  • Where should the innovation reside?
  • What is the role of the CEO?

Meet Clayton Christensen

Clayton Christensen shows leaders a new way of thinking about market forces and competitive strategy, spurring them to innovate ahead of the curve.

A Harvard Business School professor and advisor to some of the world’s biggest companies, Clayton Christensen believes that industry leaders get blindsided by disruptive innovations precisely because they focus too much on their most profitable customers and businesses. Even the best-managed companies then fall behind the competition. Rather than being destroyed by them, Christensen shows companies how to create disruptions, discover and nurture the best ideas and create entirely new markets. Most important, he challenges companies to implement a "well functioning disruptive growth engine.” Author of The Innovator's Solution, The Innovator's Dilemma, Seeing What's Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change and Disrupting Class, Christensen argues that innovation can be a predictable process that delivers sustainable, profitable growth. In his latest book, Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice (October 2016), Christensen show that by understanding what causes customers to "hire" a product or service, any business can improve its innovation track record, creating products that customers not only want to hire, but that they'll pay premium prices to bring into their lives.

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