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What a joy it was to host Caroline Webb at Calvin College, and, personally, to spend the day with her. Her presentation was engaging and fun to listen to and we learned a great deal. In addition to her lecture, Caroline graciously met with our students and engaged our luncheon guests as well. She inspired us all to have better days in the future.
Calvin College
Caroline Webb was a huge hit. Her personality is warm and engaging and her content was relevant and well-received.
Major Retail Bank

Caroline Webb

Chief Executive, Sevenshift; Senior Advisor, McKinsey; Author, How to Have a Good Day

A leading expert in the real-world application of behavioral science, Caroline Webb’s ideas are transforming the quality of workplace performance and teaching organizations how to achieve high levels of success.

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Future of Work: Why Every Manager Will Need to Become an Amateur Behavioral Scientist

The workplace is set to change dramatically in the coming years as AI advances to make it possible to automate even our most complex tasks. But at our best, human beings still have distinctive strengths over even the most sophisticated robot: we’re able to make wise decisions and creative choices in ambiguous situations; we can be empathic and inspiring to our fellow humans in challenging times. And if we’re to stay relevant in the future workplace, we are going to need to make sure we’re maxing our capacity to play to those precious human strengths of wisdom, creativity, empathy, and inspiration. Luckily, behavioral science is pretty clear on what it takes for the average manager to create an environment that enables those human strengths to flourish. We all just need to learn a little about how the human mind works – as Caroline Webb will show in this talk.

Diversity: How to Reap the Diversity Dividend When Nobody Wants to Disagree

Many organizations are embracing the evidence that diverse teams tend to perform better – they have fewer collective blindspots, resulting in better decisions and more creative output. But the reality is that we generally prize alignment and harmony in group discussions. Agreement feels good, and disagreement is harder to swallow. As a result, alternative perspectives often don’t get properly heard - even if they are in the room and bubbling away at the back of people’s minds. In this talk, Caroline Webb will reveal what science tells us about ways that we can get the best of both worlds – helping everyone feel that they’re on the same team, while bringing diverse and challenging perspectives into the open in a way that’s productive and positive. Perhaps even fun.

How to Have a Good Day: Using Behavioral Science to Improve Everyday Working Life

Whether we have a good day or not depends partly on things we can’t control—perhaps we run into an unexpected crisis, or our colleagues seem unusually cranky. But behavioral science shows us that many things that seem “fixed” or “random” can be surprisingly strongly influenced by our own actions, once we understand just a little of how the brain works. Caroline Webb will demonstrate how tiny tweaks to our daily routines can transform our experience of what happens around us, the number of hours in the day, our level of intelligence and even other people’s moods. With this kind of powerful insight in our back pocket, we can boost our productivity and our resilience, change our “luck” and put many more good days within reach.

Meet Caroline Webb

A leading expert in the real-world application of behavioral science, Caroline Webb’s ideas are transforming the quality of workplace performance and teaching organizations how to achieve high levels of success.

Caroline Webb has worked with hundreds of businesses to help their leaders and employees be more productive, energized and successful at work—first as a partner at McKinsey, where she worked for 12 years and continues to serve as a senior advisor, and now as CEO of Sevenshift. An economist and renowned executive coach trained in psychology and neuroscience, she is one of the world’s foremost experts in applying behavioral science in professional contexts, with years of practical experience in designing science-based interventions to help people thrive. In her book, How to Have a Good Day, Webb shares powerful tools and road-tested techniques for how to be at your best, even under extraordinary pressure, and equips you to handle common challenges—from workplace conflicts to difficult deadlines and long, draining days.

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