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J.B. Bernstein

Sports Agent, Corporate Consultant, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

As a 30+ year veteran of the sports marketing and packaged goods industries, J.B. Bernstein is widely respected for his creative problem solving and record-setting results.

Sometimes to Win, You Have to Change the Game - The Real Story Behind the Story of “Million Dollar Arm”

Inspired by watching a professional cricket match on ESPN late one evening, J.B. Bernstein traveled across the world to India with the plan and dream of finding Major League Baseball's first Indian-born player.

Bernstein actually found two boys named Rinku and Dinesh who he brought back to the U.S. to become baseball pitchers. Seven months later they both became the first Indian-born athletes to ever sign professional sports contracts in the U.S., in any sport.

The contest continues today and is now called the “MLB Million Dollar Arm.”. The next contest expects 500,000+ young men and boys to try out.

Bernstein shares the business side of the “Million Dollar Arm” saga and uses it as a blueprint of how to be successful—not only in business, but also in life.

Seven-Figure Selling

Whether you are in a B2C or B2B business, selling goods and services is not easy. Sales leaders must have an ability to act quickly and be an expert in many categories. Most importantly, they must be impervious to rejection.

Using experiences from his unique background as case studies, J.B. Bernstein shares the six roadblocks to closing sales and how to bust through them. The presentation ends with an interactive sales challenge from Bernstein to the audience. These exercises will leave attendees inspired and thinking of new ways to redefine maximizing sales in their own organizations.

Hey...Where’s My Big Idea?

Big ideas do not magically appear. There is no hidden storage unit of pre-generated ideas locked away in the recesses of our minds. Good ideas come from a process.

In this marketing-focused program, J.B. Bernstein shares the steps in his revolutionary “Idea Generation System.” This presentation is complete with cases studies and accomplishments from his career to show the system in action and the results.

Ideas are the lifeblood of business growth, but so few believe they are capable of coming up with them. After this presentation, business leaders walk away with fresh thoughts on how to better foster a culture of big ideas and creativity that can permeate their entire organization.

More importantly, the rank and file leave with not only the belief that big ideas are within their grasp, but also the simple tools to start bringing new ideas and results to their own business.

Meet J.B. Bernstein

As a 30+ year veteran of the sports marketing and packaged goods industries, J.B. Bernstein is widely respected for his creative problem solving and record-setting results.

J.B. Bernstein’s original perspective comes from having a 360-degree work experience in the world of business. From advertising and brand management to professional sports leagues, sports agency management and merchandise licensee successes, there is virtually no chair this CEO/entrepreneur has not been in. As founder and president of Access Group of Miami, he has represented some of the greatest athletes of all time, including Barry Bonds, Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. He was responsible for creating groundbreaking programs such as Smith’s Run with History, which is now the standard deal in NFL milestone marketing. J.B. also orchestrated Bonds’ departure from the MLB Players Association group licensing program, which made Bonds the first baseball player ever to successfully operate outside of their auspices. His incredible story eventually became a Walt Disney major motion picture titled Million Dollar Arm starring Jon Hamm as J.B. in 2014, and Bill Simmons, co-producer of ESPN’s 30 for 30, released a documentary on J.B. for ESPN’s Grantland later that summer. J.B. is a widely coveted public speaker and has presented to a wide range of clients, including Citibank, Carrier, Allianz, Embraer Aircraft, Pepsi/Frito-Lay, ERA Real Estate, Bombardier, Raymond James, GE and Pregis. He is also a regular featured speaker on numerous college campuses such as NC State, Boise State, UMass Isenberg School of Business and the University of Cincinnati. J.B.’s highly anticipated book on sales, Creative Selling 101, is scheduled for release in the fall of 2016.

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