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Sam Geist

Business Management Expert and Best-Selling Author

No idle armchair philosopher, Sam Geist's insights on change, customer loyalty, marketing, strategy and reinventing the organization stem from years of front-line business experience.

Take Action! It Matters: Doing Nothing Is Making a Choice

As marketers we decide by our action or inaction what our future will hold. Quite simply if we do nothing, we are making a choice.  Doing nothing is scary stuff. Taking action is absolutely necessary stuff. It’s the growth engine of your business. Taking action matters to all of us.

This new program focuses on all the components involved in taking action! 

  • Sam highlights the causes of inaction, the how-to’s of taking action effectively.
  • He outlines the consequences of doing nothing, the rewards of taking action.
  • He explains why taking action really matters today ... and will matter tomorrow.
  • He discusses effective how-to’s to initiate companywide action by all staff.

By the conclusion of the program participants will have had the opportunity to develop engagement strategies; understand why an accountable attitude matters; discover 18 extra minutes of productivity in their day and recognize the rewards to be found by taking action in a timely manner whether you are an organization of one or one thousand.

Why Should Someone Do Business With You . . . Rather Than Someone Else?: Tactics to Get and Keep Customers

"The purpose of every business, large and small, is to get and keep customers. To do it well.  It is the ongoing responsibility of everyone in the organization to ask the questions and to find the answers to determine 'why someone should do business with them . . . rather than someone else'.

Every business must ensure those answers are clearly evident to their customers to ensure customer loyalty and their own business longevity. After all, a business without customers . . . isn't."

This most-requested, fast-paced program encourages participation. Facts are presented. Questions are asked. Specific "action" techniques, strategies and relevant examples are discussed. Throughout the program participants are encouraged to search for new viewpoints, discover new possibilities, offer up their ideas and find appropriate answers to "must-ask" questions—in order to capitalize on their business opportunities.

Execute....Or Be Executed: Tactics to Move Strategic Thinking Into Strategic Doing

This program is a wake-up call to the vital issue in business today:  a failure to execute.

We talk about what we’re going to do—but talk doesn’t move ideas. When Sam asks marketers for their biggest challenge, most reply it is the struggle to move strategy to reality. When he asks, "how would you rate yourself (on a scale of 1 to 10) on implementing your strategy?"—he discovers that the average rating is 6.2. The fact is in today’s marketplace 6.2 just doesn’t cut it.

Recognizing the huge gap between talk and action, Sam focuses on the premise that what drives business today is execution.

He helps participants move their knowledge to action. He assists them develop a personal step-by-step approach that enables them to implement their strategies successfully into their everyday work lives.

How-to execute questions such as the following, are answered:

What steps need to be taken?… how to engage everyone in the execution process… what particular skills are needed… how to best use available resources… how to maximize the use of technology… and many, many more.

The complete execution process is detailed. All perspectives are discussed from the customer to the organization, from the distribution channel to current technology.

Would You Work For You?: Tactics To Become a Company of Leaders

Whether you lead many, lead few or lead only yourself, effective leadership is necessary for both personal and business success. The challenge to lead well—very well has never been greater. A positive answer to "would you work for you?" has never been more vital.

This fast-paced program focuses on the tenets of leadership, concentrating on increasing participants' effectiveness in their role. Specifically the program highlights three tough challenges faced by leaders:

  • Uncertain marketplace forces
  • Today’s staff demands
  • New leadership expectations

In this program, Sam Geist encourages participants to look in the mirror and be accountable for who they see there. Once participants really see themselves, they are able to make the changes necessary to be the leader they would like to work for. Participants leave with a renewed vision, viable ideas and adaptable strategies to enable an affirmative answer to, "would you work for you?"

Meet Sam Geist

No idle armchair philosopher, Sam Geist's insights on change, customer loyalty, marketing, strategy and reinventing the organization stem from years of front-line business experience.

Market strength lies in the ability to change with the times—and to provide unique services that confound the competition. Sam Geist helps audiences maximize their opportunities and retain their customers by encouraging them to ask the tough questions—what makes them different, what changes must occur within the organization if they are to continue to evolve? As funny as he is earnest, Sam provides the dynamic strategies necessary for transforming an organization—and for finding and holding new customers. As former owner of a Canadian national sporting goods chain and president of a marketing and consulting firm, Sam’s hands-on experience feeds his discussions on creating loyal customers, developing memorable marketing strategies, capitalizing on the changing economy, and motivating the front lines of an organization to become ambassadors rather that adversaries. He is the best-selling author of several books including, Execute…Or Be Executed, Why Should Someone Do Business With You…Rather than Someone Else? and Would You Work for You?

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