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Dominique was great, a genuinely nice person. She did everything we asked of her and more. She was excellent with the kids as well as with the adults.
Collier Athletic Club

Dominique Dawes

History-Making Olympian

Dominique Dawes continues to inspire, motivate and lead after becoming the first African-American gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal.

Success is a Journey, NOT a Destination

Dominique Dawes won Olympic gold. But, for her, success is so much more than medals and accolades: it’s something she worked hard to achieve everyday en route to Olympic glory. Today she shares her personal and professional philosophy with audiences across the country. Called “D-3”—Determination, Dedication, Desire—it’s what gave her the strength and confidence to handle the professional and personal challenges in her life, to persevere amidst defeat and triumph in victory. In emotionally uplifting presentations, Dawes shows audiences how to use D-3 to reformulate negative situations into positive ones and turn obstacles into victories—all while clearly demonstrating that success is a journey, not a destination.

Envision: Reaching Your Full Potential

ENVISION is Dawes' signature, most uplifting and captivating message. It is also the title of her motivational line of products. ENVISION is an acronym for the 8 principles that helped Dawes become successful in and out of the athletic arena. She crafts this speech specifically to motivate and empower the audience to envision greatness in their own lives. The core focuses are passion, plan and perseverance.

Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Building a solid foundation was one of the keys to Dawes' success. Her emphasis on a solid foundation touches on multiples areas: from healthy lifestyle choices to developing positive self-esteem where she addresses issues such as peer pressures, productive attitudes and values. The audience will walk away empowered, motivated, and, more importantly, clear on what it takes to build a strong foundation worthy of your dreams.

Got D-3?: Determination, Dedication, Desire

D-3 became Dawes' personal motto when she was an Olympic athlete in the making. Fatigue, frustration and loss of focus was common is such a perfectionist sport. D-3 kept Dawes focused on what was going to allow her to stay on the path to success. She paints a vivid picture of moments in the gymnastics arena where D-3 inspired her to persevere through setbacks and struggles, sacrifices and insecurities, en route to Olympic Gold. D-3 has become a staple in Dawes' athletic and professional accomplishments. She inspires audiences to develop their own personal motto that will help define and direct them in life too!

Meet Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes continues to inspire, motivate and lead after becoming the first African-American gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal.

Never content to rest on her phenomenal success as an Olympic gymnast—Dominique Dawes won a history-making bronze medal in floor exercises as a key member of the gold medal women’s team in the 1996 Olympics—she remains active as a coach and mentor in the sport. In an uplifting and spirited presentation, Dawes’ audiences learn that success is not a destination, but an ongoing journey toward achievement. As president of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Dawes is dedicated to promoting opportunities for women and girls in sports and fitness. Displaying the same focus and commitment that marked her gymnastics career capped by her selection as “Sportsperson of the Year”, this three-time Olympian maps out her own path to success as she explores her personal and professional setbacks and triumphs while motivating audiences to enhance their lives by incorporating these winning techniques. Named co-chair of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in 2010, she encourages audiences to set ambitious goals, accomplish them and fulfill their own dreams.

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