Mike Rogers

Chairman, U.S. House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI, 2011–2015); Member of Congress; Former FBI Special Agent; Trident Capital Cybersecurity Fund Advisory Council; IronNet Cybersecurity Board of Directors; CNN National Security Contributor; Host and Executive Producer, Declassified (July 2016)

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The Honorable Mike J. Rogers brings with him over three decades of public service and leadership in the U.S. Army, FBI, the private sector, and Congress, where he rose to chair the powerful House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He is an unparalleled expert in national security, specializing in intelligence and international relations.

With his distinct style, candor, and candid wit, he offers audiences unparalleled insights and analysis on current events.

Throughout his career Rogers has, and remains, at the forefront of critical security issues: from fighting the mob as a highly decorated Special Agent in the FBI in Chicago, to dealing with some of the most sensitive intelligence issues and operations, and shaping America’s intelligence and cybersecurity policy as committee chair. From his time representing the blue collar 8th congressional district of Michigan, he has a unique perspective into the heartland of America.

His unique insights and expertise are widely sought after in the public and private sectors.

He regularly consults with his former colleagues and peers in Congress and the Executive Branch. He served as the National Security Senior Advisor to the Trump transition team, where he worked to develop and guide policy planning prior to the president’s assumption of the Oval Office. This experience provides him with unique insight into the administration, its inner workings, and its approach to policy issues.

Through his extensive travel and intimate relations with international leaders, he has unique insight into some of the most sensitive and challenging international relations issues facing the United States.

He advises c-suite executives from Fortune 100 companies, providing analysis and expertise on the challenges facing companies operating in the digital era, and on cybersecurity and executive leadership.

Today he also serves as a regular national security commentator on CNN and hosts the channel’s documentary-style original series Declassified where he offers viewers unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to America’s most covert and newly declassified missions across the globe. He is also the host and executive producer of World War E, a cyber security web series hosted by the New York Daily News.

Rogers is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University, a Distinguished Fellow and member of the Board of Trustees at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, a Distinguished Fellow at the Hudson Institute, and a member of the Advisory Board for George Mason University’s National Security and Law Policy Institute.