Lou Dobbs

Business and Financial News Legend and Host, Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

Lou Dobbs, Emmy Award winning host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on the FOX Business Network is a legendary broadcaster, best-selling author and one of the most respected and insightful voices on politics, economics, society and business.  For three decades, Dobbs has brought an unwavering American perspective to the most important issues of our day, whether national security, sustainable economic growth and prosperity, global business, finance and trade, or education and public investment.

Provocative and fearless in his analysis of the leading issues in American society, Dobbs challenges the status quo at home and abroad.  He lays out solutions for moving America forward and restoring the American dream for our middle class, and those who aspire to it, and small businessmen and women.   He offers prescriptions to assure our national security, to build business, create jobs, rejuvenate the nation's manufacturing sector, invigorate education and innovation and secure our nation's borders and ports. Dobbs says our strength of will and independence of mind assure America's return to prosperity, so long as we elect leaders of like spirit who preserve our great national values and ideals.

Dobbs hosts three financial radio reports daily.  He has also written important examinations of the American political economy that in some instances anticipated by years many of the issues that challenge our nation today. Dobbs is also the author of numerous best-selling books including Upheaval (January, 2014) Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit (2007), War on the Middle Class (2006), and Exporting America (2004).