David Brailer, M.D.

Chairman, Health Evolution Partners and First National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (2004-2006)

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David Brailer is recognized around the world as the father of the health information technology movement in the United States.  As an entrepreneur, researcher, policy marker and investor, he has driven many of the key developments in digital medicine and continues to lead health care into the digital future.

In 1994, Brailer founded one of the earliest cloud-based health information management companies, CareScience. Through this company, he worked with hospitals, physicians and health plans to improve quality and to lower costs.  In 2004, he was appointed by President George W. Bush as the first national coordinator for health information technology.  In this role as the nation’s first "health information czar," Brailer developed and led the nation's strategy for ushering health care into the digital era. Since then, he has been investing in and working with information technology companies that are leaders in making health care more informed and more data-driven.

Brailer’s work is focused on the how information technology can improve the cost and quality of treatment, advance the role of consumers in managing their care and understanding their treatments, making clinical trials more rapid and far-reaching in their discoveries and helping public health be prepared for the next emergency. Brailer looks out five years and sees a world where telemedicine is widely used, social media is a recognized site of care, consumers are active shoppers for insurance and treatments, automated systems drive the most efficient care plans and we all walk around streaming health information. His work with health systems, physicians, health plans and pharmaceutical companies is focused on helping them decide if they are going to lead this change or follow it.