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Imagine a disastrous cyber catastrophe in which America’s infrastructure and power grid have been attacked; how would ordinary civilians survive? Based on his book, Lights Out, Ted Koppel will captivate your audience as he examines a strong, research-backed case for the tremendous likelihood of a devastating cyberattack on the United States, and explore issues surrounding the responsibility of our government. One of the most urgent, unique threats of our time, Koppel rings the alarm and addresses how shockingly unprepared the nation is to deal with the multitude of consequences that have the potential to arise.

With continuing reports of foreign governments hacking into businesses and governments around the world, cyber security has moved from being just an IT problem to being one of the top issues facing corporations today. As we all grapple with what these cyber threats mean for our business, personal and national security, technology visionary and EVP Vivek Kundra helps audiences understand the importance of being on the offense when it comes to protecting your organization's vital interests. As a member of the Obama Administration, it was Kundra’s responsibility to lead the Federal government’s cyber security initiatives, improving response times, outcomes and the processes that hindered the cyber security management capabilities of the world’s largest purveyor of IT services. Today, Kundra helps audiences understand:

  • Current cyber threats and best-in-class counter measures
  • What the business and government community needs to do to broadly confront the cyber security issue
  • How cyber security is now an organizational problem and what both IT and organizational leaders need to do to get all stakeholders on the offense in confronting this issue
  • How collaboration lays a crucial role in ensuring security

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 speeches.
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