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Relentless pressures on cost… An ever-escalating pace of technology advancement and disruption…Customers who are both delighted and confused by the services they receive… Public policies that seem to gyrate between vast extremes. Yes, hospital leaders, healthcare professionals, and  executives from the pharmaceutical, insurance, and medical-device fields face unique challenges, and the US healthcare system may be one of the most complex and turbulent environments in which to unleash enduring, positive change. In this specially designed keynote, Bill Taylor offers provocative insights and hands-on advice about leadership, innovation and change, rooted in the special demands of the healthcare sector. His case studies include a collection of inspiring and creative hospitals, high-performing companies that deliver a range healthcare services, and innovators from outside the world of healthcare whose experiences have much to teach healthcare executives and professionals.

Here are some of the lessons Bill offers:

For healthcare leaders, a renewed sense of imagination is just as vital as greater access to information. The “paradox of expertise” is one of the most dangerous occupational hazards for all leaders, but especially healthcare leaders:  Often, the more closely you’ve looked at a field, the longer you’ve been working and succeeding in a field, the more difficult it can be to see new patterns, new prospects, new possibilities. Without intending it, accomplished leaders can let what they know limit what they can imagine. Hospitals and healthcare companies that break new ground are the ones that can reimagine what’s possible in their field.

The best healthcare leaders and organizations are determined to keep learning as fast as the world is changing. That’s how you overcome the paradox of expertise. Plenty of leaders work hard to make themselves and their organizations more interesting; that’s how you stand out from the crowd. The best leaders work to keep themselves interested—interested in big ideas, interested in small innovations, interested in the enduring mission of the enterprise and all-new ways to bring that mission to life. In healthcare, the most effective leaders are the most insatiable leaders.

Healthcare leaders can’t be serious about changing unless they’re also serious about failing. One big reason so many organizations are slow to change is that they are reluctant to fail. That’s understandable, especially in the life-and-death world of healthcare. But reimagining how you do business means working with dramatically new technologies, experimenting with different business models, rethinking how you engage with customers—all of which are bound to involve setbacks and disappointments. When it comes to change, failure is an option—because if you’re not failing, you’re not really changing.

Healthcare leaders who want to achieve important things understand the power of small gestures to send big signals. Success in healthcare is about more than just price, cost, quality—making organizations more efficient. It is about passion, emotion, identity—making organizations more memorable to encounter. Whether it’s reimagining the patient experience, redesigning hospital rooms, or creating interactions between patients and providers that are as authentic and welcoming as they are technically proficient, in healthcare, more so than in most fields, it’s just as important to be kind as it is to be clever.

During this eye opening presentation, Tommy Thompson reveals his thoughts on the future of health care. Focused on issues relevant to your audience, he navigates the murky waters of today's complicated issues. The following are just a few of the subject areas most often requested: Medicare and Welfare Reform, the Pharmaceutical Debate, the FDA Approval Process, Future Cures and Treatments, General Nutrition, Child Health & Immunization and the Cost of Staying Healthy.

Tommy Thompson is well respected across party lines for his steadfast principles. Not one to shy away from a difficult challenge, he is the architect of the most important health policy initiative in decades – the Medicare Modernization Act. During this presentation he unfolds the complexities of the Medicare discussion.

Today America, along with other nations, is faced with a new and unseen threat - the use of contagious disease and/or food contamination as a terrorist means. Tommy Thompson discusses life on the frontlines of defending America against food contamination and viral warfare. He explores what must be done to reinforce infrastructure and protocols to protect Americans from a public health emergency.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 speeches.
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