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People and organizations are changing how they learn. We are leveraging technology, social connection, mobile devices, deeper curiosity, video stories and connections, open and massive knowledge models and a desire to accelerate our learning experiences! Learning changes are shifting how corporations, schools, colleges, associations, religions and even political campaigns are sharing knowledge. Learners are expecting a rich set of learning options, personalized to their needs, socially connected and available on any device in any setting. Elliott Masie will explore these key Learning Changes in a highly interactive presentation:

  • Learning Changes & Revolution
  • Learning Innovations: Open & Massive Knowledge – Video on Demand 
  • Learning Together: Social and Collaboration on a Global Basis
  • Learning Everywhere: From TV on Sunday Night to On-Demand Mobile Segments
  • Personalization: I Want to Learn My Way!
  • Big Learning Data!
  • Learning for Rapidly Changing Jobs & Marketplaces
  • Storytelling Drives Change!
  • The Changing Role of Teachers & Experts

Big Data is becoming a Big Opportunity, Big Challenge and Big Learning curve for both organizations and individuals   Every visit to a website, every visit to a store and every business and personal transaction creates data.  Increasingly, organizations and governments are discovering how to capture, consider, analyze, compare and leverage “Big Data”.

OK, so how do organizations and leaders make sense of all this rapidly expanding “Big Data.” The challenges focus on Vast Data (dealing with a mind boggling amount of data); Speed of Data (how rapidly can we gather and leverage data); Truth of Data (it is interesting but is it true, real or trustable) and Strange Mix of Data (blending data from different and unrelated sources). “Big Data” will be deployed by organizations making marketing, human resource, educational, financial and strategic decisions.

Elliott Masie will explore these topics in a highly interactive, visually rich and humor filled presentation:

  • Big Data – What Do We Know About You?
  • Big Data – Making Sense of Random Bits of Truth?
  • Big Data and Small Data – Is it True for Me?
  • Big Data – Security, Ethics and Mental Models
  • Big Data – Silly Data
  • Big Data – Futures and Alternatives

In today’s super-wired, highly digital society, humans still crave social interaction and relationships. In business, creating strong relationships is the key to achieving success, both individually and as an organization.

What’s the secret for cultivating successful relationships, particularly in business? As more and more lives play out virtually, connections can sometimes feel less than fulfilling. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Foursquare, it’s important to remember just how powerful it can be to reach beyond the fiber optics and make that physical connection.

In the Relationship Revolution, Seth Mattison will explore five key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.

Attendees of the Relationship Revolution will gain:

  • Insights on the roadblocks preventing us from forming meaning relationships in the digital age
  • New perspectives on the power of empathy, authenticity and vulnerability to foster lasting bonds
  • A road map and follow-up plan to nurture and grow lasting relationships

In recent years, businesses have been called upon to take a broader, more self-enlightened role in the global economy—beyond just making widgets and profits. Whether it’s through a triple bottom line lens or corporate social responsibility initiatives, modern companies are expected to take on broader responsibility for the economic and social well-being of the communities in which they operate. Clients, host governments, customers and investors are increasingly demanding a broader rationale for companies to exist. As these practices and norms continue to emerge, it is crucial for companies to adequately examine and address some of the challenges for companies operating across political systems in a transnational business environment. Individuals need to be aware of the potential impact their decisions may have on corporations and clients in the future. The level of social responsibility for the business community will continue to become even more intertwined with the viability of a corporation as businesses face new regulatory frameworks, technological shifts and growing competition.

GOP campaign strategist and NBC News Analyst Mike Murphy takes audiences on a tour of the new politics of the U.S. after the biggest upset in years. With deep insight as a true insider and his trademark humor, Murphy looks at how we got here in Election 2016, how Donald Trump shocked the media to gain victory, how the rules of American politics have been changed forever and what a Trump Presidency is likely to mean for the country, the Republican Party and the world. Using a mix of insider information, new statistics and humorous anecdotes, Murphy explains how the pollsters got it wrong and how President Trump may well have many more surprises in store for Washington D.C.’s political insiders. Murphy’s balanced, informed and highly amusing presentation will interest and entertain both Trump fans and Trump foes, as he expertly explores the new realities of American politics in 2018.

Veteran strategist Mike Murphy shows business audiences how successful campaigns build a strategy, message and tactics in a do-or-die atmosphere with low budgets and cynical consumers. Designed for boards of directors and executives, Murphy's presentation is customized, based on extensive experience with Fortune 500 firms. Murphy shares:

  • How a company can benefit from the same tried-and-true strategies used by campaign consultants
  • How to evaluate corporate strategy and adjust as the market demands
  • How online grassroots social marketing is not a new concept in the political world and how to use it successfully to grow revenues

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 speeches.
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