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Former Director of the CIA, George Tenet, sits down for a conversation on a wide-range of issues including:

  • a look at the current global threats to U.S. security and what the future holds for the U.S., our allies and interests around the globe;
  • the actions and motives of national leaders in times of crisis and how they galvanize their people, inspire innovation and revitalize the organizational culture for dramatic results, and;
  • his tenure as one of the most influential and longest-sitting CIA directors in history including life at the CIA where he led the agency through one of the most crisis-filled periods in recent history as it was simultaneously and engaging in three different missions
  • the domestic war on terror and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With AIDS reaching near catastrophic proportions in Africa and India and with American intervention in the Middle East and other hot spots resulting in health and wellness issues, Thompson's responsibilities as HHS Secretary were both manifold and global. Thompson shares his experiences as the U.S. global medical diplomat, enlightening audiences about how medical emergencies and catastrophes abroad have ramifications in the U.S. – and what should be done about them. Through his travels, Secretary Thompson helped established U.S. goodwill through such endeavors as:

  • Providing unprecedented resources to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and other developing regions
  • Rebuilding women's and children's hospitals in Afghanistan
  • Reinvigorating what had been a world-class health system in Iraq
  • Restocking Haitian hospitals with medical supplies in the wake of hurricanes
  • Training doctors and nurses to practice medicine throughout the developing world

Any commercial or economic crisis creates business opportunity, opportunity that must be met with leadership, courage and discipline. But before a crisis happens, what must leaders do to prepare to meet adversity head on? A global leader on strategic risk and crisis management, Frances Townsend contends that there is great opportunity in crisis but only when leaders are prepared to confidently address a situation rather than shrink from it. In today’s world, while traditional business risk remains important (insurable risk, reputation risk, etc.), Townsend shows audiences that we now must expand our view of risk and how we mitigate business exposure. Business leaders must now demand that their organizations aggressively seek out vulnerabilities and problems so that they can be addressed, “looking around corners” using a very deliberate and disciplined process. Townsend uses her years of crisis planning, mitigation and management to explain a specific, measurable process that corporations can implement immediately.

Any commercial or economic crisis creates business opportunity. The real question is how to best prepare to take advantage of the opportunity. Frances Townsend's view - and her experience proves it - is that great leaders do not fear adversity, but are invigorated by their greatest challenges. Just as the pitcher who steps on the diamond with bases loaded and only one out, successful leaders cannot dread the critical moment, but instead are excited about the opportunity it presents. She knows how a crisis can foster positive change, by creating a new culture from within and building momentum to propel the organization forward. As the president's former homeland security and counter-terrorism advisor, Townsend shares her first-hand experience of testing in a true crisis and turns her recount into an opportunity to learn about ourselves and others, about egos and the willingness to listen, and about team trust and loyalty.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 speeches.
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