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Gloria Feldt’s expertise in women, power and authentic leadership comes from a deep well of personal knowledge gained on the front lines. Her journey from teen mom and high school dropout from rural Texas to president and CEO of the world’s largest reproductive health and advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, to best-selling author of four books and visionary leader for women’s equality inspires both men and women. Gloria teaches her audience how to redefine power in order to embrace it with intention, and lead with authenticity, intentionality and joy. The business case for gender balance and how to deal effectively with implicit bias are addressed. In this keynote, you can choose one power tool most relevant to your group as a takeaway.

This inspiring keynote addresses a central reason why even though doors are open and laws prohibit gender discrimination, women have been stalled at under 20% of top leadership positions on average across all sectors of the economy, including large nonprofits, and in Congress.

Women’s internal culturally learned ambivalence about embracing their power to lead and live without externally imposed limits is now the biggest impediment to leadership gender parity. Some people say women have less ambition than men. But Gloria Feldt’s research concludes that women are still socialized to have less intentionality than men, thus keeping the perceived locus of power outside of ourselves.

Yet the great healing and motivating power of intention can be learned by:

  • Clarifying the source of one’s purpose, vision or deep gladness in life and work 
  • Building courage muscles just as you build your physical muscles 
  • Gaining the confidence to risk declaring your intention—your gut-level commitment—to what you will do with your one “wild and precious life,” as the poet Mary Oliver called it 

Takeaways from this interactive speech are practical, personal branding tips from No Excuses Power Tool #2: Define your own terms first, before someone else defines you.

In her book No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, Gloria Feldt reveals how women limit themselves by adhering to outdated social structures and by succumbing to pressure to conform to society’s standards. She argues that women must shift the way they think about power and leadership for any large-scale social change to happen. To achieve this shift, Gloria gives women dynamic tools to overcome the barriers keeping them from power and leadership.

  • In this keynote, the main focus is on the power concepts and how to apply them
  • In a two- to four-hour workshop, immediately usable leadership power tools as takeaways will include up to four power tools to be chosen by you
  • In a full-day workshop, participants learn all nine power tools and create individual strategic leadership action plans. Gloria dives deep into her teachings of the power tools and skills needed to advance through the leadership pipeline
  • The workshop can be further enhanced with a mastermind dinner discussion to dive deeper, in which your selected group will be able to benefit from asking detailed questions concerning their specific needs

This workshop consistently creates a breakthrough for the women who participate in it. The result is heightened personal vision and aspirations; often women make major decisions about career transitions, apply for positions they previously did not realize they were prepared for, declare they are running for political office, or take other big career and life steps.

We are in a strategic inflection moment where the business case and the justice case for having more women in leadership converge. Yet many books become bestsellers telling women what is wrong with them. But women are fine—indeed they are now more often the answer than the question. They need to know how to create healthier cultures for men and women. Adapting the principles of change leadership Gloria Feldt learned in social movements, but that apply equally to business, this speech gives participants an understanding of the simple (though not necessarily easy) processes by which sustainable and positive change can be made—whether at work, in civic life or personal relationships. These basic principles of sister courage are:

  • Be a sister. And include brother partners as well.
  • Have courage. The courage to raise the issues. To use the power of your voice to overcome resistance from those who say it can’t be done, or those whose best interest lies in your not being able to do it. 
  • Put the two together into a strategic plan to act and they can catapult you to your most ambitious goals. Know where the power points are, how to build your case and deliver it, and how to sustain the action to create outcomes where everyone benefits—changing the world for good—for the good of women, men, families, organizations and the world. 

Under 18% of top leadership positions across all sectors are held by women. Not because women aren’t qualified, but for many reasons deeply rooted in culturally learned behaviors and implicit biases held by both men and women. Research shows women and men often literally speak different languages, even though we’re all speaking English. Women typically use more words than men, for example, more adjectives, more body movements, less directness. And while men might (and often do) complain or “mansplain” about that language pattern, the truth is that when women do violate their gender stereotypes, they are treated poorly. Gloria Feldt speaks about the language of power and the language of leadership. Navigating your career path by learning the rules of the game, including how to speak the language of the group with more power does not mean being inauthentic, it means being smart, confident and intentional. Attendees will learn:

  • Why defining your terms is your most important leadership skill.
  • Ten specific skills for gender bilingual communication that can help you get ahead.
  • How to navigate the double-edged sword of female leadership (“he’s the boss,” “she’s bossy,” “he’s self-assured,” “she’s arrogant,” etc.) 
  • How to differentiate yourself by communicating your value in terms that can’t be misunderstood.

We're often taught that our surroundings are incidental to our wellbeing, but an emerging body of research shows that the physical world can be a powerful resource to us in cultivating happier, healthier lives. For example, studies show that workers in more colorful offices are more alert, friendly, and confident than those in drab ones, that windows can speed healing, and that children progress faster in classrooms with better lighting. In this highly visual, evidence-based talk, Lee shows how organizations and individuals can use simple elements like color, light, and decor to create spaces that improve markers of physical health, reduce stress, stimulate creativity, facilitate social interaction, and of course, promote joy.

Carly Fiorina speaks on a wide variety of business, economic and political topics including:

  • Leadership and Change: It Starts with the People
  • Leading Organizational Transformation Through Innovation
  • Keeping America Competitive in the Global Economy
  • Insights on Today’s Political and Economic Landscapes

In order to lead, you have to inspire people to want to follow. A true leader knows that leadership extends beyond self. From the arenas of professional sports to the boardrooms of major companies, Molly Fletcher shares what drives top leaders and how they inspire collective success.

Learn how the best leaders:

  • Connect versus communicate and create a culture of feedback
  • Lead through change and adversity
  • Hire and retain talent with a focus on growth mindset
  • Inspire self-accountability and a culture of success

Most corporate diversity efforts are compliance driven, adding little to the bottom line. Drawing up his research and analysis in his best-selling book, Rise of the Creative Class and other sources, Florida’s Managing Diversity speech provides a framework for making diversity efforts value adding.

From transforming the culture and performance of a large Pentagon bureaucracy, to turning an idea into a high-impact non-profit, to starting a successful new business from scratch, Flournoy shares insights from her experience as a leader and entrepreneur in the public, non-profit and private sectors.  Drawing from more than 30 years working with Presidents and Cabinet members, CEOs and nonprofit leaders, Flournoy offers 10 lessons on how to lead change and create collaborative, high performance teams and organizations.

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 speeches.
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