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In this stirring presentation, Lou Dobbs calls audiences to action in reclaiming their voice in our national dialogue. America has always been a land filled with a strong independent spirit and will, a country of hope, can-do attitude and entrepreneurial pride. Today, many Americans now look at their leaders in both government and business with cynicism and lack of trust. Rampant corporate corruption and partisan political infighting have done little to help. Leaders have shown a disregard for the will and respect of the middle class. The result is an angry gulf of mistrust that now exists between the government and the governed, between the will of our leaders and the hopes of those who put them in office. Dobbs discusses the need to break away from partisan politics driven by the demands of special interests and instead challenges his audience to do what's best for America. He displays his passionate commitment to the ideals of independence and equality moving this country back to the cherished principles on which it was founded.

Ken Duberstein provides a topical, up-to-the-minute political outlook of what's going on in Washington, as well as an insider's guide to the presidency and predictions about the future of politics and policy. Sought after for his penetrating analysis, Duberstein evaluates Congress and the Trump Administration and discusses whether a divided Congress can work together to get America on the road to recovery.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 speeches.
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