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David Wade has seen how politics in America and across the world are being challenged and transformed as never before, at a time when the only thing not moving faster are institutions’ ability to meet the demands of restive populations. Wade takes an audience inside the churn of global governance as we approach 2020, and offers insights into the smartest leaders—in business, politics, and government—who meet the challenge head-on.

In the twenty years that David Wade has been active in politics, government, foreign policy, and business, the very nature of communications has been transformed by technology, time, and transparency. Wade has lived the journey from traditional communications to today’s ever unfolding, balkanized world of media outlets and social media. He’s seen its impact on world events—not just in the United States but also from Tahrir Square in Egypt to Brexit in Europe. From the unique vantage point of a political and policy professional who has both shaped and been impacted by the changing communications inside and outside of government, Wade offers his insights into how to stay on the right side of communicating with your audience in the modern environment.

Where is America headed in the world, and what does it mean for our security, our businesses, America’s image, and our alliances? After twenty years “in the room” for America’s foreign and domestic policy debates, having spent time in the policy-making process for the United States as a senior Obama Administration official, seeing how America is viewed around the world, David Wade offers unique insight into what’s really happening globally—and what other countries are really saying and thinking about America. Wade leverages his experiences in both the State Department and the Senate to share with audiences his perspective on foreign and domestic policy in the Trump era, to include hot spots around the world like Russia and Syria, and what a stalled legislative agenda means for the country.


He’s one of America’s most capable, candid and independent financial experts. Now David M. Walker sounds a call to action. As Comptroller General of the United States—"the nation’s top auditor"—Walker warned Congress and the administration as the federal surplus became a giant deficit over the last decade. Now, as the founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative, Walker has mounted a national campaign to raise public awareness regarding the wasteful ways of Washington and the rising debt burdens being imposed on future generations. He advocates returning to the timeless principles and values that made us great while making the tough choices necessary to help ensure that our future is better than our past. With the federal government’s financial hole already over 13 trillion dollars deep and growing rapidly, Walker presents ways for our country to rein in out-of-control government spending and reform our Social Security, health care, defense, tax, political and other systems before it’s too late.

Like a modern-day Paul Revere, David Walker warns that while our country’s current fiscal crisis is eerily similar to the downfall of Rome, Americans have a proven historical capacity to overcome any challenge when "We the People" wake up and get going. Walker shares an engaging historical perspective that takes listeners from Rome to the Founding Fathers’ original intent. With deftness and detail, he shows how we got here, what measures we must take to get ourselves out of the financial morass and what the implications will be if we continue to follow the „status quo“ path. In spite of the fiscal crisis, Walker imparts his faith that Americans will respond with commitment to the sacrifices required to make sure that our future is better than our past.

In this penetrating look at today’s political climate, J.C. Watts discusses the issues facing America, providing audiences with a view of the political world through the eyes of a citizen and four-term congressman. He explores such hot-button issues as the implementation of health care reform, education, fiscal discipline, domestic policy issues, restoring national values, maintaining our national defense and other key topics of interest to your organization. This presentation is uplifting as well as informative bringing to life the headlines and issues that most affect your audience.

Starting out her political career in the early days of modern feminism nearly 40 years ago, Whitman has witnessed first-hand the transformation of women’s role in politics and government. From her first government job in the Nixon Administration, to becoming New Jersey’s first female governor, leading the Environmental Protection Agency, and creating her own company, Whitman has blazed a unique trail through the some of the toughest terrain in American politics and government. Known for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to leadership, Whitman has learned how to achieve personal and organizational objectives, handle difficult situations, and overcome obstacles.
In a compelling presentation, she shares with audiences:

  • Personal stories and hard-won advice from her storied political career
  • Needed perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing women today in every aspect of American society
  • What it takes to succeed in the public and private sectors

As the leader of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the governor of New Jersey, Whitman has wrestled with some of the most challenging public policy issues confronting government, business and the scientific community today. The public’s expectation of what government and business should be doing to contribute to the protection of our natural environment is undergoing rapid and significant change. In a provocative and informative presentation, Whitman explores the most complex environmental challenges facing America and the world today and helps audiences:

  • Better understand the environmental challenges they face daily
  • Understand the role that the government plays in shaping public policy
  • More effectively develop the strategies they need to do their part

Today’s rising generation has come of age in an era marked by bitter and destructive partisanship that has produced deep doubt about the ability of American politicians to address America’s problems. Throughout her long and successful career, Whitman has been a strong and effective advocate for changing the very nature of how America conducts its political discourse. Her New York Times best seller, It’s My Party Too: The Coming Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America, was a harbinger for what is facing the America today. In this lively and candid talk, Whitman delivers a frank account of the current political climate detailing the damage done by years of hyper-partisanship and offers a pragmatic prescription for changing the nature of American politics.

America's foremost political commentator and columnist George F. Will presents penetrating and incisive commentary on the Washington political scene, offering a glimpse into what the future holds for public affairs, public policy and American society.

Showing 1 - 10 of 14 speeches.
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