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Based on his book of the same name, author and presidential historian, Mark K. Updegrove, the former director of the LBJ Presidential Library, explores the enduring, often surprising legacy of the 36th president, the enigmatic Lyndon Baines Johnson. Playing a series of taped telephone conversations from LBJ’s administration, the audience will hear LBJ in rare, intimate moments that shed light on his consequential presidency: partnering with Martin Luther King, Jr., on seminal civil rights legislation; expressing his anguish about the Vietnam War with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara; bolstering the spirits of Jacqueline Kennedy in the wake of her husband’s assassination, which propelled Johnson into the Oval Office. The audience will get a revealing sense of LBJ’s bigger-than-life personality, passion for reform, and uncanny knack for getting things done—often through bipartisanship lacking in today’s Washington.

Drawing on meetings and exclusive interviews with six U.S. presidents, author and presidential historian, Mark K. Updegrove, examines the lessons in character and leadership he has derived from Gerald R. Ford (Integrity), Jimmy Carter (Philanthropy), Ronald Reagan (Humor), George H.W. Bush (Humility), Bill Clinton (Tenacity), George W. Bush (Compassion), and Barack Obama (Equanimity). Updegrove looks at how each man, overcoming inherent flaws in his nature and setbacks in his administration, drew on the best aspects of his character to contribute to his legacy. Accompanied by photographs and short clips from interviews, this hopeful and entertaining speech provides leadership lessons that apply to any profession, inspiring us to find the best in ourselves to make our own marks.

Based on his book of the same name, author and presidential historian, Mark K. Updegrove, tells the intimate, untold story of the relationship between the forty-first and forty-third Presidents, the most consequential father-son relationship in American history—and only the second father-son pair to achieve the presidency. Using material garnered through exclusive access to and extensive interviews with both Bush Presidents, Updegrove dispels misconceptions about their relationship while exploring their influences and perspectives on each other’s presidencies and their views on family, public service, and America’s role in the world.

Cenk Uygur is sought the nation over to address a wide range of audiences from Fortune 500 companies, leading tech companies, universities and educational groups, to international trade associations and more. He speaks on a wide variety of topics to include but not limited to:

  • Trends Among Millennials: Millennials in the workplace, media-consuming habits, political persuasion and much more.
  • Digital Media: Trends, current status and the possible future of media.
  • Progressive Politics: On issues of campaign finance reform, partisan politics, social issues, economic matters and foreign policy.
  • Civil Rights: On police brutality cases at home, how we treat detainees and foreign citizens and how African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims and gay Americans are treated in this country. Their different issues and ways to resolve them.
  • Religion: As a former Muslim and well-known atheist, Cenk Uygur has a unique perspective on religion as well as Muslim-American civil rights.
  • Small Business Owner: From starting his media business out of his living room 13 years ago to now employing 55­60 people, The Young Turks is the #1 digital news show in the world, beating CNN (#4) and ABC News (#3) among many others. How did Cenk build a David-like organization with very little capital that took down the Goliaths of old media?

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 speeches.
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