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Leon Panetta will speak to a wide variety of domestic and global issues.

Topic areas include:

  • Global Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy
  • U.S. Intelligence, Defense and Cyber Security Strategies
  • Global Economic Challenges of the 21st Century
  • U.S. Fiscal Policy and National Security
  • Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Current Washington policies require businesses to understand and respond to increased government scrutiny and law enforcement, while Congress continues to adopt far-reaching and complex new obligations, including how public companies must be governed, and the compensation their officers can receive.  Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt brings his unique perspective on the pragmatic ways your company and its industry can avoid becoming the next cautionary tale.

America’s swiftly changing demographic and technological landscapes will affect our politics, businesses and culture dramatically over the coming decades. David Plouffe shares with audiences the trajectory we are on, discusses how to adapt strategies and tactics to meet the reality of today, and projects new changes and advancements in the coming years.

Data increasingly plays a key role in politics, business and organizations across the world. David Plouffe discusses how the Obama campaign used data as never before to win an election in a tough environment. Data is, of course, available to everyone. Plouffe discusses how to integrate data throughout the organization, ensure that it is understood by decision makers and impacts all decisions, some of the tensions between modern data and traditional research, and how to blend the two. There is still an art to strategy and the tactics that flow from them, but increasingly, it is the science that leads the way.

David Plouffe is the “architect” of President Barack Obama's two national election victories, which had at their core a belief in young people and their desire to have their voices heard. Plouffe's strategy in the 2008 primaries relied on mobilizing new voters to turn out, going against the conventional wisdom that they would tune out and not show up at the polls. Confounding the experts, Obama's two general election wins were fueled by young voter turnout. Plouffe shares his unique insight into what motivates millennials and his passionate belief that this is a more selfless and talented generation than his own, and what that will mean not just for the millennial generation, but also for the nation and the world. Plouffe's own story of going from cleaning chimneys and selling knives door-to-door in college to eventually working next to the Oval Office shows that anyone who is interested in public service and politics can leave their mark, and he strongly encourages college students and all young people to be part of molding the future they will soon lead.

Michael Powell led the FCC during one of the most critical times in its existence, helping it meet the challenges of new technology and outdated policy—often in the face of strong resistance to change. His vision helped drive the realization that it is time for a significant overhaul of U.S. telecommunications policy to better fit the demands of the Information Age. Powell provides a candid look at the regulatory process, what needs to change as Congress considers a new law and what is at stake in the process—U.S. global competitiveness, innovation and investment in the future that our children will inherit.

Based on his first book, Bill Press pokes fun at the wonderful world of spin. With insight and wit, he exposes the worst examples of political spin heard today from both Republicans and Democrats. But he also shows how spin colors every aspect of human behavior today, as practiced by preachers, salesmen, parents, lawyers, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Add colorful fireworks to your meeting. Stage your own “Crossfire” by squaring Bill Press off with a lively partner on the right, such as Pat Buchanan or Mike Murphy. They will inform, entertain and engage your audience in debating the issues of the day.

A former seminarian with a degree in theology, as well as a radio/TV talk show host, Bill Press talks about one of the most important issues facing the nation: the intersection between faith and politics. Press argues that Republicans have "overdone" it, by making an unholy alliance with the religious right; but that Democrats have "underdone" it, by ignoring religion and appearing too secular. Referencing his acclaimed book, How the Republicans Stole Christmas, Press gives his formula for the correct mix of faith and politics.

Everybody knows Washington is broken today: a do-nothing Congress; a powerless president; a divided Supreme Court. Can anybody save Washington, or is it too late? And what changes are necessary to make Washington work again? Commentator and talk show host Bill Press examines this provocative question - and finds the answer!

Showing 1 - 10 of 11 speeches.
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