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We are living in an unprecedented political climate, one rife with negative rhetoric, “alternative facts,” and chaotic communication.

In such a divided political environment, Mitch Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans, brings problem-solving and the voice of reason to an ideologically bent Washington.

A strong proponent of reaching across the aisle, Landrieu discusses finding common ground on complex issues such as infrastructure, tax reform, immigration, and access to healthcare. 

Drawing from his firsthand experience as a two-term mayor and a lieutenant governor who turned a descending city into a prosperous one, Landrieu can be paired with a Republican to speak on the following topics as they pertain to governing in a Trump era:

  • Growth potential of cities

  • Insight into race relations

  • Criminal justice system

  • Ethical leadership        

  • Climate change

  • Public finance

  • Infrastructure

Redemption can come from the most unlikely of places.

Under the impactful leadership of Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans has become one of the nation’s best comeback stories.  In the wake of one of the most destructive hurricanes, Landrieu supplied hope to a devastated city.

Resurrecting and restructuring the city meant reorganizing the budget and overhauling the entire government - from education, to healthcare, to the criminal justice system.

During Landrieu’s tenure as mayor, New Orleans morphed its public school system into a 100 percent charter school model, reimagined its public housing model, and made healthcare more accessible to all.

The New Orleans Police Department experienced sweeping reforms, and the implementation of NOLA for Life comprehensively reduced the murder rate in the city by nearly 20 percent.

Because of the policies and structures put in place by former mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans thrives with a growing and diversifying economy.

In this inspiring presentation, Landrieu reveals to audiences how the people of NOLA had the ability to see beauty even when everything was lost after Hurricane Katrina.

As lieutenant governor of Louisiana, Mitch Landrieu led the state through Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

With a resume that includes leading the city and state through Hurricanes Rita, Gustav, Ike, and Isaac, the BP oil spill, and a national recession, Landrieu knows what it takes to rebound from crises.

When he was sworn in as the 61st Mayor of New Orleans in May 2010, the recovery from Hurricane Katrina had stalled, the city teetered on bankruptcy and the New Orleans Police Department was under federal investigation.

Under Landrieu, New Orleans has become one of America’s great comeback stories.

By making public safety a top priority, Landrieu reformed the police department and implemented the cutting-edge murder-reduction strategy, NOLA for Life, which led to a nearly 20 percent decrease in the city’s murder rate.

He kick-started the recovery by fast-tracking over 100 projects and securing billions in federal funding for schools, hospitals, parks and recreation and critical infrastructure.

He brought sound fiscal management, balanced budgets and ethical contracting to City Hall, leading to the city’s highest-ever credit rating and over $8 billion in private development.

Landrieu believes government alone is not enough to repair the economy and that partnering with local business leaders paves the path to prosperity.  He brought this idea to life with the formation of New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA), the first public-private partnership of its kind in the city, and the Network for Economic Opportunity.  These organizations devote themselves to repositioning New Orleans as a hub for culture and commerce, lifting up small businesses, and connecting disadvantaged job seekers to opportunities in the workforce.  Since their inception, these organizations have helped to create 20,000 new jobs and opened more than 140 new businesses.

In this presentation, Landrieu reveals how his post-disaster leadership skills and business innovation insights helped pull his city through crisis and become more resilient. With his Southern wit and charm, he shares with audiences:

  • How clear command, control and communication can get you through any crisis
  • How his philosophy of “facilitate, link and leverage” brings people together to move forward
  • How public-private partnerships pave the path to prosperity
  • Why ethical leadership is good for business
  • Why the future of America runs through cities


Polling is an inexact science: there’s so much information out there, with many sources claiming to have the most up-to-date data, that it becomes difficult to know what information is reliable. Gary Langer, Emmy Award-winning pollster for ABC News and one of the most respected and trusted pollsters in the industry, provides valuable information to help you better grasp how the world is changing and what you should do about it. Langer peppers his discussion with recent polls that clarify the political, economic and social mood of the nation today. He discusses how trends inform current—and future—public attitudes and the resulting policies. It’s an illuminating look at where we are, where we're headed and the forces that will shape attitudes for years to come.

In "How and Why It's President Trump," Gary Langer offers a deep dive into political attitude formation and the social and economic conditions that produced the 2016 election outcome, including the problematic election narrative, the performance of the polls and a look down road ahead. With colorful cartographs and references to train wrecks, Simon and Garfunkel and 30 years of partisan trends, Gary's talk is as engaging as it is informative.

We all know the data – women are the majority of the population, the majority of the electorate and the majority of the college graduates in virtually every field and yet in many ways true equality for American Women remains elusive. For years we’ve been hearing about the barriers women face but less about the solutions that women themselves have the power to influence. For the future to be female and equal, women will need to do more than Lean In at work. They will need to step forward and advocate for themselves and each other in new and important ways. While women are as diverse as the nation itself, there are many issues where woman across the spectrum agree. If we can seize the opportunities, large and small, to ensure the full equality of American women, the future holds limitless possibilities.

As one of the most diverse nations on earth, the United States has a unique potential to be the most innovative and how will we live together peacefully and productively? Can we find a way to make our multifaceted diversity an asset, economically and socially or will it continue to be our deepest and most painful source of conflict? Crossing The Thinnest Line argues passionately and persuasively for the possibility, power, purpose and payoff of embracing difference. The stakes for the conversation are high and getting higher. Already, 89% of the world's educated population is either female or minority. In less than a generation, the US will become minority majority. The world economy is global and interconnected. Embracing diversity has never been more imperative. With compelling data and powerful, personal stories, Lauren Leader-Chivee looks at challenges and solutions to immigration, education, business, media and politics and inspires us to rise to the challenge.

As Secretary of the Air Force and as a business leader, Deborah was charged with talent management; readiness and training;
technology and modernization; and making her organizations as efficient as possible. She also visited more than 40 partner nations during her most recent tenure in government. She offers up to the minute commentary on the Washington budget scene and topical issues in national security and foreign policy.

Deborah talks about controversial topics including: the readiness of today’s armed forces; sequestration; opening combat jobs to women in the military; making the acquisition process more efficient; and countering the threats posed by ISIS and Russia.

In an up-close-and-personal format, Jim Lehrer sits down for a candid discussion on a wide range of topics including current events around the world, the 21st Century information revolution, the on-going coarsening of public discourse, the state of journalism in America today, the importance of national service and much more. He gives audiences the facts and context for today’s events and helps them to understand the complex and often confusing avalanche of unfiltered news and information that besieges the public each day. A respected journalist renowned for his objectivity, Lehrer enjoys and looks forward to taking questions from the audience about topics and issues of importance to them.

When it comes to politics and elections, Mara Liasson is of the most trusted voices in political journalism. In her positions as Political Contributor for Fox News, National Political Correspondent for NPR and the host of several award-winning newsmagazines, Liasson wields the experience needed to provide audiences with a solid understanding of the issues. Serving as White House correspondent during the Clinton Administration and covering every presidential election from 1992 to 2012 for NPR, Liasson delivers a candid perspective on how the media will impact the politics and policy issues facing the country today.

Showing 1 - 10 of 11 speeches.
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