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Caroline Ghosn shares her personal experience of founding and leading a multimillion-dollar organization in her 20s and the challenges she faced along the way.

We have entered an unprecedented era in history. Millennials are the largest cohort to have ever entered the workforce and are the largest consumer force the world has ever seen. Are they truly disloyal and entitled? Why are advertisers spending 500 times what they spent on other generations trying to earn their loyalty? What are the myths and insights around these potent economy drivers?

There are some lessons at the halfway point that come through when you are up at bat. That’s the way Leeza describes her insights into many of her winning formulas for success. These are some strategies she’s employed along the way that have consistently scored hits and she’ll share them, along with the number one quality successful people must have! Leeza brings her experience as a talk show host, best-selling author, social entrepreneur, and red carpet survivor to men and women who want to hold their head high as they claim the prize

Leeza speaks to anyone who needs any kind of LIFE SUPPORT…people who want to break through to the next plateau and those who may need her hold the mirror up for them to see who they really are.

A good friend is someone who will play your music back to you when you forget your song... Leeza will not only do that, but she’ll teach you new steps to the dance! If life is a test, Leeza can help you cram for the final. She says a bend in the road is not the end of the road, and her “Lessons at the Halfway Point” are audience favorites!

Leeza talks about her southern values and how they helped her build a decades-long career in the entertainment business as one of the industry's most well-loved celebrities. From her days behind the anchor desk on Entertainment Tonight to her talk show and her win on Celebrity Apprentice, she used her trademark kindness to get ahead in a business where cutthroat cruelty reigns. From being a “recovering redneck” to red carpet-ready, Leeza’s witty insights are packed with take-home value.

No president in history has dominated the news or disrupted the national conversation more than Donald Trump. More than his policy positions or professional experience, it was his personality that shaped the campaign and the first year of his presidency in ways that are changing both the institution and the country. Why were so many experts in both media and professional politics so wrong about his chances for success, and what do the experiences of past presidents tell us about how his administration is likely to unfold? Bestselling presidential historian Nancy Gibbs, the former Editor in Chief of TIME, has interviewed five US presidents, including President Trump, who made no secret of his interest in TIME’s coverage. She interviewed him early in the 2016 campaign, then immediately after his election, and finally at a private dinner at the White House. This lecture explores his rise to power and the implications of his tenure as the most unprecedented of all modern presidencies unfolds.

No one who has not served in the Oval Office can fully understand what the job does to you. That simple truth helps account for the remarkable bond among American Presidents, who belong to the world’s most exclusive fraternity. Behind the scenes, the most unlikely political partners reached out to one another for help with problems no one else could solve: Harry Truman secretly enlisted Herbert Hoover on a post-war mission to save millions of lives; John F. Kennedy turned to Eisenhower after the Bay of Pigs invasion went terribly wrong, and Lyndon Johnson asked Ike to rush to Washington to help him bind the country’s wounds after Kennedy’s assassination. Bill Clinton used to call Richard Nixon late at night for advice. Presidential historian Nancy Gibbs, former Editor in Chief of TIME, is co-author of the bestselling The Presidents Club who has interviewed five US Presidents about their remarkable private relationships. This is an exploration of how the most powerful men in the world put country before party and gave each other the support they needed to do the world’s hardest job.

The evidence grows every day that organizations are more likely to succeed when they have diverse leadership. But what does this mean day to day, especially at a time when gender politics is increasingly visible and complicated? This lecture explores ways of understanding ambition, success, and personal and professional development to empower both men and women in a changing society. It draws on research and lessons learned from people Nancy Gibbs has met, leaders she has covered, and challenges she faced as the first woman to become Editor in Chief of TIME. As the nature of work changes and career paths become much less predictable, this is an opportunity to think creatively about how we balance our gifts, needs, and opportunities in pursuit of success and fulfillment.

Most of us think we know what would make us happy and that our only problem is getting it. But research in psychology, economics, and neuroscience shows that people are not very good at predicting what will make them happy, how happy it will make them, and how long that happiness will last. Is the problem that we can’t really imagine what our futures will hold? Is the problem that our friends and family mislead us about the true sources of human happiness? Yes, and yes again. Professor Gilbert will explain why, when it comes to finding happiness, we can’t always trust our imaginations or our mothers.

Floss daily, save for retirement, and don’t wear plaid pants before or after Labor Day. Most experts tell us what to decide but they don’t tell us how, and so the moment we face a novel decision—should I move to Cleveland or Anchorage? Become an architect or a pastry chef?—we’re lost. Is there any way to know how to do precisely the right thing at all possible times? In fact, science provides a simple method for making decisions. Although that method is easy to understand, most of us don’t apply it in our daily lives, and so we make a host of mistakes that we later regret. New research in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics explains why.

Showing 1 - 10 of 13 speeches.
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