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Fiercely competitive and focused on connecting clients with the right audience, Joel Benenson relays key lessons learned from presidential campaigns and while serving as a consultant to top American companies and CEOs, including Procter & Gamble’s A.G. Lafley, General Electric’s Jack Welch and AOL’s Bob Pittman. In this engaging, dynamic and informative presentation, Benenson shares with your audience what the corporate boardroom can learn from the campaign war room—and what they shouldn’t, such as:

  • How to leverage strengths, inoculate weaknesses, and identify the fault lines that shape consumers’ decision frames so your messages connect more with key audiences
  • How to set yourself apart, and the tools you need to understand your unique competitive framework
  • What it takes to frame questions to your audience so that your brand is the only answer

For the first time ever, the average American is more concerned about falling behind than about getting ahead. Working-class Americans have led a populist surge that has disrupted the political status quo and will have real implications for business. From his early start as a beer distributor in Brooklyn to advising presidents and corporate giants, Joel Benenson has spent his career developing big-picture strategies for success while remaining in touch with his blue-collar roots, and understands that treating employees as commodities simply doesn’t work. In this thought-provoking, impassioned and candid presentation, Benenson examines why it’s time for a new strategy, what these trends mean for the future, and lays out the actions you need to take now.

Polling is an inexact science: there’s so much information out there, with many sources claiming to have the most up-to-date data, that it becomes difficult to know what information is reliable. Gary Langer, Emmy Award-winning pollster for ABC News and one of the most respected and trusted pollsters in the industry, provides valuable information to help you better grasp how the world is changing and what you should do about it. Langer peppers his discussion with recent polls that clarify the political, economic and social mood of the nation today. He discusses how trends inform current—and future—public attitudes and the resulting policies. It’s an illuminating look at where we are, where we're headed and the forces that will shape attitudes for years to come.

Think you know your customers? Guess again. What they tell you in sit-downs might be much different from how you’re really perceived. To make better business decisions, you need to know how you’re perceived, not only by your customers, but by the rest of your industry. Respected pollster Gary Langer, Emmy Award-winning pollster for ABC News, provides you with a presentation customized specifically for your organization, with information you need to make smart business decisions for the future. No matter what your industry or specialization, Langer collects, reviews and analyzes relevant data, delivering a hard-hitting and eye-opening review of current perceptions, their sources and the opportunities and challenges they present. You’ll come away with a better understanding of your perception in the marketplace, and how to leverage that information to be more competitive.

In "How and Why It's President Trump," Gary Langer offers a deep dive into political attitude formation and the social and economic conditions that produced the 2016 election outcome, including the problematic election narrative, the performance of the polls and a look down road ahead. With colorful cartographs and references to train wrecks, Simon and Garfunkel and 30 years of partisan trends, Gary's talk is as engaging as it is informative.

With the current political climate as the backdrop, Douglas Schoen shares his key insights on the future of American politics. Offering a glimpse into the failings of the two-party system and the gaps that have given rise to populist movements on the right and the left, he utilizes recent research to illustrate what the electorate really wants. Drawing on those findings, he challenges audiences to consider how the division has driven our two-party system to the brink of possible collapse and what this newest political crisis means for the future of American democracy.

One of the most respected pollsters in the country brings you up to date on where the campaign stands in this most unusual election year. Using public polling data, Ann Selzer defines the mood of the electorate and illustrates why campaigns are doing what they are doing. Along the way, audiences get clear insight into the workings of the polling industry and the life of a pollster who gets it right.

This electoral year is like none other. No one could have predicted in 2015 that 2016 would look the way it does today. And yet, the polls told stories that were prescient—defining a dissatisfied public, slates with too many me-too candidates, cynicism, fatigue and even some anger. The pollster-in-chief for Bloomberg Politics offers her insights into this election year in an accessible data-driven presentation. As a pollster, Ann Selzer thrives on questions, so she happily devotes time to addressing what is on audiences’ minds.

Every four years, Iowa is the epicenter of American politics. An expert on the how and why of the Iowa caucuses gives historical context to the way the United States elects presidents. Ann Selzer’s speech is filled with anecdotes and personal experiences from her unique position in the vortex of some of the most fascinating races in modern history. Audiences are treated to an insider’s account of the good and bad of starting the presidential contest in Iowa, breaking some stereotypes and challenging conventional wisdom about the process. 

You’ve seen him on TV. You’ve read his breaking news. You’ve come to trust his byline. But you’ve never heard him quite like this: unfiltered and uncompromising. An award-winning journalist with incomparable access to the halls of power, Jonathan Swan takes you behind the scenes in the Trump White House and on Capitol Hill. He introduces you to the people behind his headlines and explains what you might expect next from one of the least predictable administrations in recent memory. You’ll walk away with an insider’s view of Washington today and exclusive insight into how it will shape America tomorrow.

Showing 1 - 10 of 12 speeches.
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