WSB’s Guide To Awesome Swag Bags, Part 2

The busy fall events season will be here before we know it! Are your swag bags ready? We published our last guide to Awesome Swag back in August, and the theme was cool electronics. From chargers to selfie sticks, we covered it all from splurges to budget-friendly items that your attendees won’t be tossing in the trash any time soon. Following the great response we received to our recent post about staying healthy at events, the theme for this new guide to swag will be health-related: how can your promotional items promote healthy choices at a conference?

Swag can be a lot of fun, but it can also be an enormous waste of money. As we mentioned in part one, a staggering amount of promotional items handed out at meetings and events each year ends up in a landfill. Don’t let this happen to you!

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for awesome healthy swag options that your attendees won’t be throwing away.

Food. As we discussed in our Healthy Events post, staying health-conscious while traveling for business is a major challenge for many conference-goers. Temptations are everywhere from the airport to all those networking receptions. Throwing some healthful snacks into your swag bags can help hungry attendees avoid filling up on sugary treats from the vending machine. Our suggestions? Protein-packed energy sources like granola, nuts or energy bars (avoiding anything perishable).

Steps Counter. Everyone is obsessed with steps these days, and walking around a major conference for a few days is certainly a way to send your steps through the roof! Provide attendees with a steps counter and host a contest–most steps at the events takes home a big prize.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses. We have already advised increasing sunshine and outdoor time for your attendees–and have even suggested holding events entirely outdoors! In that case, you should consider including some SPF protection in your swag bags. Even modest sun exposure can result in damage to the skin and eyes–sunscreen and cute branded sunglasses will help everyone avoid getting scorched.

Keep the Planet Healthy Too! 
With so much swag ending up getting tossed, you can help avoid these items filling up landfills by setting up return bins for any unwanted items throughout your event. Collect them each day and send to recycling–the Earth will thank you!

Water Bottles. While those on a budget should absolutely include some branded bottles of H2O in their swag, you can also use this as an opportunity keep the planet healthy by offering some higher-end aluminum branded water bottles. The nicer ones will even keep a beverage cool for hours, and keep them full by offering plenty of hydration refill stations throughout your event.

Lip Balm and Lotion. We covered avoiding sunburns with the suggested sunscreen, but business travel can also wreak havoc on skin and lips. Keeping guests hydrated will help, but also consider offering some delicious lip balm and lotion choices in your swag.

Fitness Class Gift Card. For longer term events, consider partnering with a local fitness resource to give attendees the option to drop in for a class during their stay. Smaller studios offering spinning, barre, Zumba and other fitness trends may be willing to give you a great rate if you can promise a certain number of attendees, and providing this option will result in some grateful travelers who are missing out on their home fitness routines.


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