Eye on Event Tech: AI, Drones, and More

What are the major event tech trends that have emerged in the first half of 2017? How will emerging technologies be of use to event professionals and help attendees have an overall better experience?

When it comes to these types of high-profile experiences, technology has made a tremendous impact in the world of events. From virtual reality, event apps, gift bag swag, and even lighting and venue design, major events, conferences, and trade shows are relying on high-tech support to deliver for attendees.

What are the latest trends, and where should event profs be focusing?

Artificial Intelligence – With virtual and augmented reality now the, well, reality for so many working in event tech, many are wondering what the next huge innovation will be. By far, the biggest opportunity in technology solutions that is gearing up to explode in the world of events is artificial intelligence (AI). From smaller approaches like installing chatbots onto your event website to assist with customer service to larger scale applications like in-app voice activation technology or facial recognition services to improve security and assist in registration, the possibilities for using AI in events are among the most cutting-edge.

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Drones – The use of drones is still not in the mainstream at most events, but is a growing trend to watch for their multi-purpose uses. Drones can contribute to the multimedia appeal of your event, providing crowd images, live streaming of speaking presentations, and can even help with wi-fi coverage (the most common event complaint) by serving as mobile cell towers. Drones can even contribute behind the scenes, providing analytics on crowds and traffic on trades how floors, and more.

Holograms – Providing a memorable experience has become a significant part of events, particularly when considering how to attract millennials. One interesting possibility? Using holograms as a part of your programming. Brands offering holographic displays could be a big draw at events, and they can also factor into entertainment. Most of the high-profile use of holograms making the news has been in the music world, with performers offering virtual appearances via the technology—will this be a factor in the speaking world one day? Time will tell.

Cybersecurity – As event tech continues its evolution and grows more sophisticated, the need to continue to improve and increase the security of information and event data will continue as well. As it happens, many of the event technology developments in recent years have had a security focus. From drones used for surveillance and artificial intelligence using facial recognition to ensure no one “party crashes,” there are a number of ways to use tech to secure your event, as well as multiple products meant to keep your event app data secure.

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