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Educational Speakers: Transforming Education Around the World

Every 26 seconds, a student in the United States drops out of high school. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans reads below the level they need to earn a living wage. While women make up more than half of college graduates, they comprise less than 15% of engineers in the workforce. As a new school year begins for so many, several WSB educational speakers remain focused on solving these issues. They believe that their work is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do in order to remain competitive in the global economy. Take a look at how their extraordinary work is transforming education—and the lives of students around the world.


Featured Educational Speakers

Laura Bush:

Champion of Learning & Literacy

Why Reading Matters

Hear how Laura Bush’s love of reading began—and how she has passed that love along to her children and grandchildren. But she hasn’t stopped there: Every year, her foundation awards more than $1 million to the country’s neediest schools and libraries.

Laura Bush Headshot

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Welcome Laura Bush to Inspire Your Event

Former First Lady—and former teacher and librarian—Laura Bush has been a leader in literacy and education for decades. She shares the lessons she’s learned from her extensive efforts to improve the lives of students and teachers at home and abroad.

Sir Ken Robinson:

Changing the Way We Think About Education

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson’s iconic TED Talk has been seen by an estimated 350 million people in 160 countries. If you’re not one of its 40 million online views, what are you waiting for?

Sir Ken Robinson

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Motivate Your Audience with Sir Ken Robinson

Worldwide efforts are underway to reform education systems to meet the challenges of the 21st century. But, Sir Ken Robinson argues, many countries are pushing reforms in the wrong direction—the emphasis on testing is stifling the very capabilities that our children, communities and economies need most. Sir Ken explains the links between education and creativity, between innovation and financial success.

Reshma Saujani:

Bridging the Gender Gap

Increasing the Number of Girls in Tech

In just five years, Girls Who Code has empowered more than 40,000 girls across America to pursue careers in technology and engineering. Watch founder Reshma Saujani explain why—and watch some of its students describe how.


Reshma Saujani

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Connect with Reshma & Change Lives

Reshma Saujani has brought together public and private sector stakeholders to close the gender gap in STEM education. In her new book, Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World, she inspires girls to find mentors, embrace failure, and boldly chart their own course.

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