Presentation Technology – Going Beyond the PowerPoint

Presentation technology has evolved beyond the traditional slide deck. From new software that changes the look and feel of your slides, to animation, video and audio integration, and even wearable technology to enhance your techniques—leading speakers have a range of presentation technology tools to help wow the audience at any event.

There is certainly nothing wrong with continuing to use PowerPoint, particularly if you’re integrating interesting multimedia elements to spruce up your slides and keep the audience engaged.

But if you’d like to see something different on the big screen at this year’s conference, we have some new presentation technology suggestions:

Event Tech: Presentation Technology Trends

Prezi – In recent years, Prezi has become the go-to alternative to speakers who are looking to create an elegant, visually appealing non-linear approach to slides. Its non-traditional format uses zooming transitions that move so seamlessly the audience can’t even perceive that they’re looking at slides.

Powtoon – Keynotes are meant to grab your attention, incite new ideas, and inspire audiences to head back to their day jobs with renewed energy and excitement. Powtoon might be just the thing for grabbing attention of a closing-keynote audience that is exhausted after three days of conference sessions.

Presentation Technology - Powtoon

Even if you’re sticking with a more traditional presentation, one thing you should consider is integrating some multimedia elements into your slides that will help convey your story in a more memorable way. Using video, animated gifs, or even some audio cues can take a standard presentation to the next level:

VideoScribe – White board videos have been around for a long time, and for good reason: they’re clean and simple and visually compelling. Exactly what you may need for part of your engaging presentation. Use a tool like VideoScribe to create your own white board video as a part of your presentation.

Presentation Technology - Video Scribe

Projeqt – Want to add some life to a PowerPoint that’s still useful, but starting to look a little dated? Projeqt lets you add interactive and multimedia elements and beautify your presentations, either starting fresh or working with preexisting content.

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ZohoShow – A collaboration tool that allows you to import a PowerPoint deck and embed new features like animated transitions, images, video and more, Zoho also features publishing options that allow for ease of sharing your presentation on your blog or social channels.

SlideDog – SlideDog takes the best of what’s out there and allows you to blend into one seamless presentation. They allow users to take slides from PowerPoint, Prezi, PDFs and other documents to create one multimedia experience. They also have some interesting audience engagement features that allow for real-time polls and feedback.

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Wearable Technology

It’s not just the presentation technology for slides that are evolving. Even the ways you deploy your presentations is experiencing a revolutionary shift. Out with the old-fashioned “Jeopardy!”-style clickers to move through your slides, whether in PowerPoint, Prezi, or an alternative. Instead, use wearable technology like the Myo Gesture Control Armband.

The band works with the movements of your muscles to transition through your slides. As wearable presentation technology continues to become a part of conferences and events, you’ll see more and more speakers integrating these types of advances into their programs, including potentially using projection and virtual reality tech to create experiences your audience will never forget.

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