Keynote Speakers – The Right Speaker for Every Event

Selecting the perfect keynote speakers can truly elevate events and conferences to the next level. The right keynote speakers will not only engage and inspire an audience, they can enrich lives and change the way organizations do business.

For the event professional, the perfect keynote will drive attendance, create buzz, and provide amazing content for use in promoting future events.

Below you’ll find a sample of WSB’s most sought-after keynote speakers in topics ranging from business and technology to humor and sports. Need more help? Contact us at any time.

Featured Topics and Keynote Speakers:

Business & Innovation

From leadership and motivation to sales training and business growth strategy and trends, WSB connects you with the individuals who can speak on the key issues impacting your company, clients, association members or event participants. Here, WSB exclusive Kat Cole stresses the importance of iteration and adaptation.

Global Affairs

WSB is your resource for the experts who can speak on emerging markets, terrorism, global economics, climate change, trade and energy issues and policies impacting our world today, including world leaders like former Secretary of State John Kerry:

Motivation & Achievement

One of the many ways WSB speakers are enriching lives is via the power of motivation–from inspiring strength and resilience in the face of obstacles to sharing everyday practices for better performance, our motivational keynotes will inspire any audience. In one of his popular TED talks, business visionary and best-selling author Adam Grant discusses “givers and takers:”

Politics & Current Events

In today’s heightened political climate, WSB features the world’s best public policy experts, former heads of state, media analysts, journalists, historians and presidential advisors who can cut through the rhetoric and deliver what audiences need to know. The Weekly Standard editor-at-large William Kristol shares potent analysis of current events:

Humor & Entertainment

WSB has access to a wide variety of comedy and entertainment for your event. From today’s most popular names and faces to political satirists and comedy troupes, we can connect you with talented entertainers to keep your audience energized. Ali Wentworth, actress and comedian, shares hilarious stories of motherhood:

Economic Outlook

From journalists to economists and former administration officials, WSB connects you with the individuals who can share insight into the current economic trends and policies shaping the world today. Financial expert Ron Insana discusses the fluctuations of today’s economy:


When searching for those individuals who have excelled in the sports arena, can draw a crowd and excite your attendees, think WSB. Here, legendary NFL quarterback and broadcaster Terry Bradshaw shares how he plays to win:

Still looking for that perfect speaker to deliver a show-stopping keynote? Contact WSB and we’ll help you find the best fit for your next event.

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