5 Must-Watch TED Talks from WSB Speakers

Groundbreaking speaking and sharing platform TED is wrapping up its 2017 conference in Vancouver this week, and WSB is proud to work with many of the voices behind some of the most-watched TED talks of all time. Among the highlights we’ve been sharing on social media this week were revolutionary and entertaining talks given by WSB’s Adam GrantReshma Saujani and Sir Ken Robinson–whose incredible 2007 talk remains the most-watched of all time.

We hope you enjoy revisiting these 5 Must-Watch TED talks from some of our top WSB experts.

Named one of the world’s 25 most influential management thinkers and one of the Fortune’s “40 under 40,” Adam Grant is a leading expert on innovation and resilience. His recent book, Option B, with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is sure to be a best-seller, and in this inspirational TED talk, you’ll “learn three unexpected habits of originals — including embracing failure.”

Watch Adam’s TED talk:

The founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani sparked a national conversation on the importance of increasing the number of women and girls in tech, and her TED talk encourages everyone to stop socializing women and girls to seek perfection, and instead encourage them to be fearless.

Watch Reshma’s TED Talk:

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Named one of “50 women who are changing the world” by Business Insider, best-selling author Amy Cuddy reveals game-changing techniques to tackle life’s biggest challenges with confidence and perform at your best. Her TED talk is the second most-viewed ever, and explores how body language has a major impact.

Watch Amy’s TED talk:


Heralded by The New York Times as “a latter-day Houdini,” David Blaine has redefined magic around the world with his unique, intimate, close-up style and his challenges that have set new boundaries of human endurance. In his incredible TED talk, he discusses how he learned to hold his breath for unimaginable lengths.

Watch David’s TED talk:


And finally, with the most-watched TED talk ever, Sir Ken Robinson pushes people to rethink outdated assumptions about intelligence and creativity—and to unleash the real potential of people and organizations.

Watch Sir Ken’s TED talk:

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